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    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    After having FIVE mighty fail in less than a 2 year period, Good luck with this clunker!
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    Arizer Solo II

    I've never used screens in mine. Never had an issue from not using them. I just pack the stem lightly with ground material. If I want less than a full load, I just stuff the stem with a small piece of bud. Are you sure it's rust? Not resin build up? I've been using mine for 2 years. Also, I...
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    What would be your Trinity of vapes?

    My current top three are DaVinci Ascent ( absolutely love this vape! I have 2 currently ), Argo because it's quick to load and empty and has tasty vape, And my solo II which is used every night with a bong. The Argo is dying though, the buttons are getting fiddly...
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    The CORRECT way to store your bud?

    I've cured by every method you can name, and humidity controlled environment always produces superior cured bud. This is based on science not anecdotal conjecture. But hey, whatever produces the results you want is fine also.
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    The CORRECT way to store your bud?

    I still use Mason jars and Boveda 62% humidity control packs. I've done this for ten years now. When I open a jar after a thirty day cure, you can smell the terps from 20 ft away! I'm experimenting with Grove bags right now and so far they seem effective. No need for boveda packs. They are...
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    The CORRECT way to store your bud?

    I've been using Boveda packs for 10 years now, they have NO affect on terpenes. People using them in humidors for VERY expensive cigars for a reason, they work well!
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    Boundless CFX+

    Yes, doesn't seem to be much interest in this vape. I'm going to get the WPA apdapter for mine. I use mine occassionally, it give very good hits and the vaporr is tasty. I however dislike the mouthpiece. I'll see if the WPA can be modded to take a stem, s that would give me more reason to use...
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    DaVinci IQC

    Yes but this is a known issue and has been known for a long time! I mentioned this to them and I expected an answer that said yes, we can fix that, not some line of crap about sending a video, which I explained to them meant taking the video, then transferring to my PC THEN emailing it. Why all...
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    Induction Heater UFO intelligent Activation Technology Induction Heater for Dynavap

    I've had mine for over a year and a half and it still works as well as when I bought it. I've had high end vapes that didn't last this long! For the price it's a bargain.
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    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    Will the new screen fir a Starry 3 lid?
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    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    I see talk on the ceramic insert in the mouth piece. I bought a V3 id for my V2 Starry. It came with an ordinary screen in the silcone insert. I know, the ceramic acts as a heatsink also, but I don't find the vapor being too hot with just a screen and the easy draw seals the deal. I think they...
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    BMIC x Boundless DV8 - Dry Herb vape

    BOUNDLESS20 gets you 20% off!
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    Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci

    If you really like your Ascent, youi can get another for $59.00! Just go to DaVinci and buy the "warranty" and they'll send you an refurbed Ascent. Been using mine fir over a year now daily with no issues! And I'm a tech junky, I have 4 of the 5 Davinci's, An Argo, a Starry 3, A CFX and a CFX...
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    DaVinci IQC

    I have a Starry 3 and it's in my regular rotation. Makes good vapor, my only complaint is the mouth piece gets very hot.
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    DaVinci IQC

    Arizer Argo is a nice vape with an all glass air path
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