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    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    Congratulations man, it probably couldn’t have found a better home. I hope Max does well and finally gets rid of those jitters.
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    It’s too bright

    It’s too bright
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    About old FC & NewFC: we're not sure where we're going but we're working on it

    Sounds like something the government would say :lol: Seriously though I love your work on this but for me it’s FuckCombustion forever, that shit was really killing me.
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    Volcano Hybrid

    That makes two of us :uhoh: Anyway I’m working with S&B to see if it’s me or the Hybrid, looks it’s gonna take some time.
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    PLENTY Vaporizer

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    It's so weird commenting here now, after everyone left.

    I understand how comprised this site is, we have a few threads warning us about this that I’ve been reading for a while. I’m hopeful the new site will be more secure for everyone joining. It took me a long time to join this one, but sometimes just reading & not posting is enough for me, plus I...
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    So true :)
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    PLENTY Vaporizer

    That’s disappointing but I should have known. I’ve seen this before & I know I would enjoy having a session with you. That’s the way I’ve been packing :lol:
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    PLENTY Vaporizer

    I need to read this thread for some Plenty tips. I bought one about a month ago but it doesn’t seem to matter how much I put in there, I still get much better vapour from the Crafty.
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    E-Nano from Epicvape

    Loved finding the eNano here. Best of luck to everyone who enjoys using theirs.
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    Volcano Hybrid

    I really miss Baron22 but I love you even more @Baron23
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    It's so weird commenting here now, after everyone left.

    I’d join a website called FuckYouNewFC. I haven’t joined yet because it seems like a lot of effort for me & I really hate changes. I’m pretty sure vtac comes back just a couple of weeks every time before they need him, but now it looks like he’s gone for good so they’re shutting the threads...
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    Important Announcement

    I would just assume I’m not welcome ;)
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    I guess it’s RIP @fuckcombustion in October, on a brighter note at least we’ll all have our Grasshopper IOs before then.
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