I'm the type of person that lives for the moment, the past is history - you can't change it and the future has not happened. Stop and smell the roses and enjoy life. Follow every dream and even through you may get lost once in a while its a great ride!

35 years as an ASIC electrical engineer and architect. Its been a great ride.

Grew up in Modesto, CA, went to college in Phoenix originally, worked in San Jose, CA for 15 years and finally escaped to Oregon for the past 20. Love the 5 min commute, but its a bit wet. My 2 yellow labs love the area and the countryside. One 32 old daughter and 2 (6/7) grandsons which are not easy to keep up with.

Enjoy various hobbies from scuba diving, photography (all venues, but especially landscape/nature and street), motorcycles, travel, fine furniture woodworking, shooting, computers/software and of course being medicated and all things related...

Enjoy the ride, because the destination is death.
Oregon USA
MTS, ASIC Electrical Engineering


Live for the moment and enjoy the ride because the destination is death. The past is behind you and the future has yet to happen.
* Portable Collection:

Persei, Omicron HD, Core, Nibbler-X, SR-71, Bender, Hercules 3.7V, Cera EO/LL, TET DART, Vaped products, Atmos Raw/glass EO, Stork F5 funnel Cloud, Gentleman's vapes, Micro G, Solo, Puffit (I'm sure I forgot something...)
* Non-Portable
Extreme-Q, VapeXhale EVO Cloud
* Glass Collection Information and Galleries
Speciality - RECYCLERS, Love them! Current count of 104 now of all shapes and sizes (2.5” to 24”)
PhotoRider’s Glass Collection (Gallery)
PhotoRider's Latest Acquisitions (Gallery)

PhotoRider Glass Collection Spreadsheet (PDF)


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