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    O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers

    I stuck the sticky brick straight flame intake in and it works just fine. Unironically the restrictor disk fits too. Very fun to use, though the glass smoking on the original heat intake semi worries me, but I am sure it's nothing. No char spots on my wood. Also I didn't know I was supposed to...
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    O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers

    LOL I KNEW that would work!
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    NewFC question: one or the other or both

    I don't mind being lost to the ether. I appreciate y'all and it's been real.
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    O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers

    I got mine in. Absolutely smaller than I thought it would be, but I can't complain; discreet enough for my use. Also another fun fact that I found out is the sticky brick straight flame intake fits and works fine. I may use that for home use. I will enjoy messing with this.
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    Vaping in "adult life"

    "These are the threads that keep me checking into FC. I enjoy reading folks' differences of opinion and I respect people being able to express them without others get themselves overly upset when someone says something they don't like. Tolerance is a good thing. Goes hand in hand with freedom of...
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    O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers

    Good to see a section for these here. I recently ordered A Padauk OHVMicro with cooling stem. I can provide some insight when I get it, and I will def. be using that foil mod(blazer torches are relentless little beasts.). OCW seems like a chill dude. Glad to support a small business guy. Always...
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    Sorry To ask.

    Those are pretty stems.
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    What's in your vape right now?

    A weird mix of CBG flower, some VT made Vanilla Cherry Blossom CBD flower and Amnesia Sour Diesel to top it all off.
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    The HydroBrick by Sticky Brick Labs

    I recently got a hydrobrick during 4/20 and holy shit, I am ripped by the time the bowl turns light tan. A blazer torch is a little overkill for this, but does the job well. I want to use trates with this, so I tried the pad. didn't get much luck with that, but got ripped anyways even with...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    I ended up grabbing a 2020m and a low temp cap. I will let my impressions be heard tomorrow.
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    Dynavap VapCap

    So, ridiculous question; What would make a better low temp option? SS Tip+Low temp cap or TI tip and low temp cap? I have a dynavap with a ti tip/regular cap and glass body. I have another glass body but I want to make sure that I get the right cap for it. Second one is glass with a SS tip...
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    Tetra P80

    I should have mine today. I’ll do a slow unboxing and a small session to test the waters.
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    Imp by MistVape

    Would anyone mind posting their imp settings/PID? Mine glows at the imp default settings on MV website. It doesn't when I drop the OHMs down to 0.184 at 450F. Any suggestions?
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    Imp by MistVape

    I figured that was the case. I shelved that and in the meantime I will be impless until my new box mod arrives. Grabbed a Wismec Presa 100w TC. Works with AF/S_ME and Tubo FW. I should be fine. I CAN use the imp in wattage mode on the v5 but fuck 10 second draws per click.
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    Imp by MistVape

    I got my imp today. Buuuut as the gods will it, my iPV5 will not work in TC mode with it. regular wattage mode is only 10 seconds. TC either works 1/10 times or 9/10 times it tells me dry coil, no atomizer. My usual evic sellers on ebay are nuked, most places want $45+ USD for a evic/simple...
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