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    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    This has probably been asked but we are on page 138 so it is pretty buried at this point. I got a BCG roughly 2019, definitely pre-Covid. The little plastic ring on the top that keeps the metal from grinding has come loose. I hold it in place to grind but it isnt ideal. Is there a recommended...
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    What erigs are you currently using?

    I should check my notifications more often. I use the Daab by Ispire. It uses the same principle as the Wand, but the induction heater is built into an e-rig shape. Drop in one of the quartz buckets full of concentrate and heat via induction by pressing the button. Super simple.
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    What erigs are you currently using?

    I am with you, atomizers are a poor representation of a dab. Induction on the other hand is every bit as good as a rig. I was shocked at how good it is. Havent touched my RiO in 2 months and it was my go to for 2 years. I have flat bottom, curved, and the standard core banger for the RiO as well.
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    What erigs are you currently using?

    The RiO was my favorite for about the past two years, over the OG Core. I would recommend both. I bought an Ispire Daab a few months ago and havent touched any other rig since. There isnt actually a temp sensor so the sesh mode runs on a timer, which is my only complaint with this thing...
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    Colorado Concentrate Reviews

    I just noticed this thread and have some thoughts in 2022. This is Denver and surrounding, I go 1-2 times per year as my plug. Rosin really is nice. Lazercat is consistently great but priced as such. 710 is too but gets excessively priced. Sunshine and 14er are very nice budget options. Olio...
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    Dabpress do a 420 sale?

    Yep, I have already pressed a few times. One of them came out perfect crumble but the others are all still too oily/toward shatter for my preference but they still vape incredibly.
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    Dabpress do a 420 sale?

    They price their gear at a point that will maximize profits, like every company. Instead of investing in marketing Dabpress uses their price point to gain a competitive advantage. And one of the golden rules of reduced prices is they lead to additional purchases, hence me saying it may make it...
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    Dabpress do a 420 sale?

    Replying to myself for anyone who looks next year. Their website did a 10% off and the Amazon store had a 5% coupon that went away on 4/5.
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    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    The Ghost taught me my lesson about new and better vapes. And just how overpriced/marked up vapes actually are, my god. Given that this market is a niche of the overall marijuana market I genuinely wonder how many vape manufacturers and really vape retail stores can survive the pandemic. Too...
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    Dabpress do a 420 sale?

    Honing in on the 6 ton Dabpress for myself and the old lady for personal use. Been practicing with a straightener and I have gotten a bit better at it so I might have to up my game. Did they do a 420 sale last year? I see the delayed Merica shipping on the website but I have found I am patient...
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    Best rosin press for beginners?

    I have been doing the same research lately. Did you go with Dabpress? Thoughts, advice, things you have learned that you didnt as a noob?
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    Milaana II by RastaBuddahTao

    Is your guitar pick on the wrong side of the copper circuit connector? Do you count a full basket screen as a bowl? Cuz 2 hits means you are taking unreal long pulls that I dont think I could do. And modulating the whole time to not combust. I dont think the battery is gonna matter much...
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    Milaana 3

    I have a Mi2 that I kinda love and the price was right on M3 so I jumped in months ago. I have multiple vapes so for me this is just a mild annoyance at not getting to try the new one yet. To be honest I have bought more than I need so this delay isnt the worst thing for me. If the product is...
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    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    I have the old school Da Buddha and I feel the same, easy smooth clouds. The SSV upwards heater joint seems like a plus instead of the straight out, any other differences? I use my tubo whip sometimes and that is shorter and helps contain the unwieldiness of the whips.
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    Tetra P80

    These cutouts are super dope. And of course this thing is still a cloud machine, great videos.
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