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    Soy lecithin as a potentiator.

    As long as it is actually organic, it wont be GMO soy :) Shouldnt be too hard to find online somewhere.
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    Discontinued Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

    Yeah, just need a smell tight case for it!
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    Discontinued Gn0me - lighter based vaporizers

    Nope. DO NOT expect notice that your order has shipped. DO expect to be surprised when you receive a gnomy package in your mail box :)
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    Discontinued Gn0me - lighter based vaporizers

    All you need is some DBV/SSV tubing, take a bit and slide onto the mouthpiece. Then it can go right into a 14mm joint.
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    Discontinued Gn0me - lighter based vaporizers

    give away to smoker friends.. trade/sale, maybe keep some just as collectors items? i have a pipe that is too much a part of my collection though i dont use it. water pipes works wonders with vapor!
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    Discontinued Gn0me - lighter based vaporizers

    im predicting a disk bowl or something! but i cant wait. I love surprises!
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    Discontinued Gn0me - lighter based vaporizers

    Hey I like small waterpipes.. anyway, get you a nice torch. like a Vector. you will be set:) the vector has the largest flame i have seen though.. of course theres many larger ones, which you will want for the gnome. an oversized torch lighter would be nice for the classic slider gnome but for...
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    The Magic-Flight Box

    Its beautiful. I love my glass of course, but I think maybe more condensates on the glass? yeah I would think so. Taste: Cant say i can notice one but honestly i gave up the glass stem a while back haha the wooden one is too cool. Plus it feels really nice. My wooden stem also matches my box...
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    The Magic-Flight Box

    Still hate that WPA! Haha. I gave mine away to someone who used em. I think the new whip is worlds better. However, ya caught me, Im using the MFLB dry right now, with the wooden stem :)
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    The Magic-Flight Box

    Yes, i think with this charger I have, the Maha/Powerex C-9000, you could do one of the refresh cycles to get them back. I had that issue. they kind of get weak. so doing the refresh(maybe can even do a break in cycle to do something similar) made them all better :)
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    Buying a Vape in NYC

    NY Gifts is the place to go. Dont even bother with any other shops in the city, is my advice.
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    Vaping with Pets

    my dog is usually occupied with something else while i am vaping. but i would not want to do it without his consent. If however he had health problems, that would be different. However my dog is an active and playful healthy puppy and hes high enough on life :) I am also very careful there is...
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    The Magic-Flight Box

    Those bands were nice....
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    I like the sitar :) :peace:
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