Jun 20, 1988 (Age: 32)


E-Nail: Errlectric Concentration Station (Ti Nail, DryHerb Nail, FQN Banger)

Portable Vaporizers: Haze V3, Woody/Ti VapCap

Plug-In Vaporizers: Koa SS core Hi, Buckeye Burl glass core Hi, Spalted Red Ash UD, Walnut Mini UD, Chechen Burl UD, Redwood Lace UD, Buckeye Burl Standard Core, Buckeye Burl AirCore and Buckeye Burl Mini UD, MANY stems/WonG's from @Ed's TnT

Glass: Fab/Incycler by EyeSmokeGlass, FOURTEX and Day Tripper by E. Ross 4.0, 14mm reverse showerhead bubbler by WoodChuckGlass, 14mm Sherlock by WoodChuckGlass, 14mm diamond rig by CramBoro, 14mm JoDa banger hanger, JoDa HoneyBucket, JoDa Carbed Nano GonG, JoDa Bent Nano Stem, JoDa Carbcap



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