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Puffco Peak Atomizer Rebuilds
CCA Lead Beta Tester
Glass Enthusiast
Vape aficionado


Favorite Concentrate devices: Puffco Peak w/Upgraded Heater. Dr. Dabber Switch. Sai TAF. E-nail W/ CCA Liger V3.0 Hybrid bangers with Sapphire SiC and Quartz Inserts
Butane Powered Vapes: Supreme V3, Lotus, Daisy, Vapman, Vapcap Ti Woody, Hammer Pro
Electric Vapes: Cloud Evo, RBT Milaana, S&B Mighty, Vivant Alternate, Vivant V-Leaf, Underdog (Walnut), Haze V3.0, Pax 1, DaVinci, VaporTower (My First!)
10% OFF for all FC members! Use code FCVAPOR
if you spend $100 or more get 15% with Hundy15

Peak Atomizers and Vapor accessories
If you need a Peak atomizer or your unit breaks, DM me or go here for repair



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