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    Herborizer corner

    I guess what is "too far" for you it´s just perfect for me and other people, I have tested many ways to hit the Herbo since I got it on december 2019 and I just love those milky dense hits... I don´t mind coughing also. So in my experience there is nothing as "too much" or "too far" if you like...
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    Herborizer corner

    Hey @Shadooz Its curious that you state carb hole will have no use, its an essential part of my hit routine, I milk my piece, then i free the clogged joint to clear the vapor and to finish I lift the vape from the piece (all while inhaling) and place it in the stand. Being able to clear the...
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    Herborizer corner

    Hey @Gomaruana ! Well, in my opinion you must get a stand, is equally probable that your herbo will get stuck on the bowl and I can´t think of a safer solution than the Herbo stand. That said, you might consider getting a double joint adapter and use one of the slots as a carb or directly buy a...
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    Herborizer corner

    Hey! I use a coarse grind, pretty much same consistence as sb grinder but I use a better quality one, 9€ on amazon and works like a charm, this one its been on daily use with good grade material for 3 months and not gummed up, yet. I have also tried whole little pieces of nug and its ok for me...
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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    Hey Arsenick, It´s very advisable to take the screen out and, if recoverable, clean it and put it back, or change it for a new one. You will also need to clean the area under that screen, usally a brush is all it takes. Better to do all this process with your vape inverted, this way any herb...
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    Cleanest vaporizer recommendation

    HERBORIZER :myday: :ko:
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    Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)

    Hey FC peolple! I´m loving my splinter Z A LOT! Using it always with the short XLR cooling MP, vapor is on the harsh side (32.0 wattage mode on a wismec gen3 releux) but its very very pleasant, a trick I found for avoiding the hot vapor hitting directly in the throat is vaping with my tounge...
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    Herborizer corner

    Amazing experiment!! How is the flavor? Does it mantain as in the original design? It´s worth it to do the mod? Thanks in advance Zantifa!! 💚
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    What’s Next

    I have a custom US Splinter Z on its way! Had to add RBT to my line up.. :brow::brow:
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    Herborizer corner

    Hi FC people! I have decided to do a little quick review of my experience with this awesome vape here. I have been using this vape daily for nearly half a year (DigiTi), it is clearly the best vape I have. Coming from a Mighty as DD I was blown away by the potency and flavor of this vapor. This...
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    Herborizer corner

    Thanks to the mods for translating, Hi Cemento! Welcome to FC, First thing I will say that the Herborizer for me (subjectively as you have very well pointed) is the best vapor experience possible, incredible taste, amazing user experience. This said it´s an all glass vaporizer (except for the...
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    Herborizer corner

    Hey FC people, Here I leave you a little testing I have been doing to achieve a cheap DIY microdose Herbrizer bowl: As you can see on the photo above, simply by placing two stacked lids of S&B dosing capsules between the original stock screen and an additional one on top, you will have a DIY...
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    Vaping Hash

    Hey! As othes have already mentioned here, I love to use my Dynavap for this purpose, I like to use cotton to avoid the hash sticking to the inner part of the Tip and water filtration to keep that high temp has vapor as cool as possible. It has to be sterile tho as gauzes or sterile loose cotton...
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    Herborizer corner

    Thanks for clarifying this without being asked to, I was wondering after Alexi´s comment. :tup:
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