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    Boundless CF / CFX / CF-Hybrid

    Here is the pic of tool in action:
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    Boundless CF / CFX / CF-Hybrid

    I'm using cone artist as a loading tool/funnel for my CF. It's a cone rolling tool I picked up at local head shop. Works great for both rolling cones and filling vapes!!!
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    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    Any idea if other dry herb pods (flowermate, odin or boudless) fit this unit? I'm currently using flowermate pods in Xmax Pro V2.
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    Multi-brand Xmax V2 Vaporizer (also Atmos Astra)

    Got flowermate pods from They fit perfectly!!! Here are pics:
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    Pen Herbstick Eco Vaporizer

    For anyone that is interested in using different MP on this unit. You can use any 510 drip tip by adding standard pipe screen. Just press the tip into the screen it will form nice basket and provide tight fit. I'm using it with long acrylic drip tip. Here are some pics.
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