If I speak at one constant volume, at one constant pitch, at one constant rhythm, right into your ear, you still won't hear.
Proud owner of: Vaporgenie, PD ;pd;(myrtle, figured maple pandora), Pax (Black and Blue), Cloud+, Firewood v2.1 and v3.0, E-nano, UnderDog (Prototype Twig, Lost, Vintage Ash, Maple B-Day with Ambrosia Markings, Retro, Ambrosia Maple Aromadog, Rosewood Aromadog, a Brown Mallee Custom, a Jobillo mini, a Spalted Tamarind SquareDog, The Wormhole! and a PDDog!), Hammer, HI with VK, Versa Infinity Beta(x2), Herbalizer, a Solo, a Classic Maple CRZ, Arizer Air (black and silver), a Vapman, a Daisy, a PD/HIbrid, a Summit, VapCaps (OG and Ti/Woodie), a Haze 2.5, Okins (x2), a miniVap, aHome Grown Log and an EVO. I have VAS in a bad way.......



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