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    The FC Meme Thread!

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    New York Cannabis News

    Authorities No Longer Seizing Under Three Ounces Of Marijuana At New York Airports Small amounts of marijuana found on passengers in New York's airports are no longer being seized by local authorities, four months after the state legalized recreational cannabis use.
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    Random thoughts

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    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

    Stay Cool, Cats. Stay Cool...
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    I just saw the moon

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    Fuck you !!!

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    Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!

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    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

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    The FC Meme Thread!

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    The FC GIF Thread!

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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    I look at it as a forgone conclusion. It is sad that folks are relying on "alternate facts" and there seems to be no way forward with anti-vaxxers until it strikes close to home and becomes a horribly sad teaching moment, if even then. I'd rather no one die of this pox.
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    Do you like coffee?

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