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    Oregon Cannabis News

    Border weed: How the hometown of tater tots became a cannabis capital Ontario, Ore., has nine dispensaries for 11,000 residents. But most of their customers are coming from Idaho. Marijuana remains illegal in Idaho. In fact, it is one of only two states left in the nation that bans all forms of...
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    The Picture Thread

    I expect the geese will hatch around the 24th. 28 day gestation.
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    New York Cannabis News

    From a Rupert Murdoch NY paper: Get ready for an NYC reeking of weed and crawling with unstable potheads It’s reefer madness all across Gotham, following the state Legislature’s legalization of marijuana.
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    Cannabis News

    Curious About The Indica Vs. Sativa Debate? Learn The Real Difference Cannabis dates back at least 12,000 years, evolving alongside humans. The plant originated in Central Asia, but there was no trace of the plant in the Western Hemisphere before the 16th century. So, where do indica and sativa...
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    Idaho Medical Marijuana Act

    Idaho Governor Signs Bill Making Ballot Measures Tougher Idaho Gov. Brad Little on Saturday signed legislation making it more difficult to get initiatives or referendums on ballots in what is widely seen as an attempt to stop a medical marijuana initiative and other left-leaning causes in the...
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    The FC Meme Thread!

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    NFC California Cannabis News

    While visiting SoCal this last week, I picked up some Kin Slips. These under-the-tongue-cannabis-strips dissolve completely, and, like nitrogliserin heart tablets, are absorbed quickly into the blood stream: 10-15 minutes. I'm a gadget-kinda-guy so I am easily impressed: I like them...
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    The FC GIF Thread!

    Gets Great Gas Mileage, but, hay, what do I know?
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    Cannabis News

    As more states legalize marijuana, more children accidentally ingest THC-laced edibles Poison control centers across the country say they have seen a spike in the number of children who have ingested THC after eating their parents' edibles, rising from just 19 cases in 2010, before recreational...
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

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    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

    When your parrot is an AC/DC fan
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    First GMO Mosquitoes to Be Released In the Florida Keys THIS SPRING, the biotechnology company Oxitec plans to release genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Oxitec says its technology will combat dengue fever, a potentially life-threatening disease, and other mosquito-borne...
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    The FC Meme Thread!

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    Products that make you go...........hmmmmm...

    Perfect for Any Tragedy!
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    The FC GIF Thread!

    Observancy Deprived
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