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Currently own and use; S&B Plenty, Arizer Air ,Boundless CF/x, Nokiva, HEnail and Fury2
My Vapes and Accessories
S&B Plenty, Arizer Air ,Boundless CF/x, Nokiva, HEnail,Fury2,2018M Dynavap,Fury2


Daily Drivers: Ed`s TNT WoodScents Logs 1x Walnut and 1x Huon Pine, S&B Plenty, X-Max V3Pro.
Occasional Use: Ghost MV1, Arizer Air OG, HR Fury2, Boundless Tera V3 x2, Xmax Ace, Ispire Wand, Capstone One.
Rarely Used: Boundless CF/x, Dynavap 2018M, Dynavap XLS Omni Body, Cocobolo Nonavong, SJK & Home Made Induction Heaters, S&B Mighty(sold), Nokiva
Glass: D020, d020-d, Sidecar Matrix Perc x2, FC-UFO, FC-MODx2, FC-Rattle Can x3(1x Bent neck), VA Rattle Can(favorite), Sheldon Black Knockoff, 12" Straight Fab Egg, Kromedome Recycler
Concentrates: Dabpess HR10t35v Rosin Press, DNail Sic Halo, Auber RDK200, QB (16,20&25mm), 19mm Ruby insert, Boundless Terp Pen, Eleaf iKonn 220w, Pico25 75w&85w, HVT Sia TAF(TI and quartz buckets), Longmada Motar, Quarta & Crystal, Airistech Headbanger & Quaser, Subdab Pro, Ispire Wand, Xmax Qomo, Puffco Peak Pro.



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