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    Katalyzer Vapes

    Is that their branded version of the new Xmax V3 Pro?
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    The ELEV8R from 7th Floor

    That ^ and bong blowback, when you stop drawing, blowing crumbs from the bowl up into the heater.
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    DiY glass symphony

    I'm gonna say yes as I've made working vapes with all the claisens I've tried but it depends how long they and the thermometer tubes are really. 24/40 and 24/29 thermometer adapters (and bowls) will both fit in the joint but one will sit lower than the other It makes no difference to...
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    Discontinued Glass Symphony XLR

    For my builds I have been wrapping the element in enough Aluminium kitchen foil so it will slide in and out of the thermometer tube when cold with enough room to expand as it heats so I can also slide the cold heater out and put it in other thermometer tubes and builds like the 19/26 claisen...
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    TUBO evic/dual

    Are we sure the mod with the black screen isn't in stealth mode? To switch between stealth and normal mode - switch off (5 clicks) > hold - and fire for 5 seconds > switch on again (5 clicks)
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    Atlas by Cloud Connoisseur (iDB)

    Exciting times :brow: Ti balls maybe another option if you can guarantee the balls won't short the tails to the heater There's a few ruby sellers on Alibaba and Aliexpress - I got mine from the QianXiangHui store
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    Herborizer corner

    I use these 2 buck boost step down things with a switchable laptop power supplies (9-24v 5A) to power my Herbo and some of my DiY efforts ZK-J5X
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    Favourite glass/whip setup?

    I decided the Lamart adapter was too restrictive and bought a few lengths of different size internal diameter tubing so I can cut small lengths of larger diameter tubing to use as a sleeve adapters, which gives better flow. On the on the other end I like the Arizer and Elev8R mouthpieces Most...
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    The SmokeFreezer

    What am I missing here? Isn't it just a pair of massive CPU heatsinks with refrigerator coolant inside like these? I think I've still got one in an old PC somewhere Cooling was very good in my old AMD Athlon 3700 machine, even...
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    Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)

    Have you tried cleaning the 510 connectors with a pencil eraser and pushing centre pin connector in the mod down to test it's springyness? Careful now ;) you might want to take the batteries out before you go poking at the centre pin I use a bamboo skewer to check that the centre pin moves up...
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    I'm still hoping for an adjustable carb cap Like a 4 hole cap with an airflow control ring or donut on top that you can turn to open and close the airflow, please.
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    RIP Frenchy Cannoli The beloved hashish and cannabis concentrate teacher, consultant, artisan and activist Frenchy Cannoli unexpectedly passed away on July 18, 2021. Cannoli age...
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    7th Floor Life Saber (LSV)

    Yes - it's a safety issue, I think Incase anyone falls asleep with it on their lap and burn their bits The lawsuit would finish them off Wouldn't be possible if they made it into a log (like wot I has done with mine ;) )
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    Random thoughts

    Doesn't feel like a Saturday. Are we sure it's not Thursday again?
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I have an unbranded one of those, the headshow perc (or is it a showerhead or a flowerhead?) is good but the Matrix isn't very good so I wondered if the Sheldon Black downstems Or the 29mm Elev8 downstem...
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