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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Lacentralevapeur stock a small selection of NV products too Link Altho I think they (we? lol) struck a deal so post brexit eu uk shopping is the same as pre brexit anyway.
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    The ELEV8R from 7th Floor

    A couple of cheap alterative bowls I've found in EU
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    RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    I use makeup brush holders like these .... vape stands? :lol: If you search Ebay and Amazon for silicone makeup brush holder there are some cheaper better ones in my opinion as they're lil softer.
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    Dynavap VapCap

    I think when I bought mine it was sold as a replacement glass body and condenser for the original
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    StemPod by MPL

    Yes - you need to create a custom material file for it in the materials tab in Escribe Click the the Actions button on the bottom right and select temperature coefficient ratio (TCR)
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    Dynavap VapCap

    The Galaxy glass stems and bodies have an air port
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    Dont know how to make things.

    Not sure if you've seen DDavemods mods for the EQ, I think you've almost described one of his MegAdapters. I think his mods are worth the money altho there are loads of glass adapters you can use to do a similar job if you don't mind a bit of trial and error hunting them down and testing them...
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