Fuck combustion, I love to vape! I'm a salesman also do technical work and teaching myself programming.
Tech Sales/Programming/Field Service


Lotus, Vapman, Mighty, Hammer, VapCap TI Cocobolo, Firewood 3.0, Sticky Brick, MistVape Touch, Milaana, Supreme V3
Underdog x6 (Movingui, Mini Walnut, Bocote AC, Amboyna Burl, Mini Tasmanian Blackwood, Afzelia Burl AC), Cloud EVO
Dr. Dabber, VapeCode Enail with D-Nail Slim Series/TI HALO/Sapphire Insert/SiC HALO, Omicron V4xNibbler, Hercules
Retired: PAX, MFLB, Firefly, Source Orb V3, W9 Alpha Centauri 1.0, Herbalaire H2.2, Boundless CFX
Proudly support Jyarz Storage, Ed's TnT Wooden Stems, & JoDa Custom Glass

Combustion free since November 14' Check out some of my stuff: http://hellsvaporstaff.imgur.com/all/



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