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    JyARz Storage Containers

    Or you could use that nice deep purple UV blocking glass for more schwag....
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    DIY Elev8r with coil and glass beads.

    One more update: I have gone back to using borosilicate adapters with the torch. The quartz piece is not ideal because it takes a lot more gas to get up to temp, but does not deliver that extra heat for a longer time as it is largely stored in the solid quartz rings that are not in contact with...
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    L shaped side by side mod box enclosure

    Excuse me good sir, but WTF is that cable plugged into the mains?? Does this pass British Health & Safety standards, sir? :science:
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    Official CBD Discussion Thread

    I am still in the process of trying and am totally not convinced CBD by itself is worth it for me as a de-stresser and sleep aid. Basically I don't really feel any different after taking it. Certainly not paying the insanely exploitative prices that some fucks are charging (same price as...
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    THC-V Weight Loss Endorsement. Anyone else?

    Wow, that needs verifying! I have consumed a lot of this terribly named but rewarding strain and I didn't know this! I heard that THCV gives a rapid buzz when inhaled and this strain can certainly do that. Unfortunately it has a strong "lemon cleaner " flavour that is a bit too much and often...
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I think it's been said that he's using molded pieces which are welded together by hand, so it's semi-mass produced. This is not a custom order, he had a bunch of these on his dhgate shop. He didn't / couldn't look at the image links I sent him (dhgate's image upload doesn't work for me) but...
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    For Sale Rattle Can Bubbler (aka diffusion pump) 14mm male, by SAML/ Popular Glass.

    I have bought too many bubblers and am moving and minimising belongings so this one needs a new home. Very cool bubbler with minimal diffusion for maximum flavour. Some photos show some distortion on the bend of the inner tube, that's just the glass bending the light :( Price : €30 +...
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    DIY Elev8r with coil and glass beads.

    Update! I finally got a wireless Dremel and diamond drill bits. The Dremel has a flat back end so it can be stood vertically ona table, and so reasonably precise drilling into small pieces is possible without a vice. I attempted to drill 4 x1mm holes in the bowl of that quartz banger. All was...
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    The purple RBR arrived a few days ago and is a lot of fun- seems to be as effective as the significantly bigger klein/egg recycler I got earlier,and with less drag resistance. But ..if you are a perfectionist, biao.t may disappoint. My piece has an off-center / not perfectly vertical...
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    Suggestion: First post for a specific vaporizer must contain image or link

    The True Satan can easily disguise himself as Satan, just to fool ya. :freak:
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    Big Story About High Times Hard Times

    Good riddance. observing the cannabis market in the US after decrim/legalization is like watching sharks on a feeding frenzy- gone are the pretenses of "counter-culture"...... and South Park nailed it once more.... And this bullshit is exported to Europe too, where legal CBD wax costs the same...
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    Vape Carts Health Crisis Megathread

    Vape carts/pods/ whatever are bad, mmkay?
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    InVerzion Vaporizer

    Damn. Maybe you can make an arm-less version for torch maniacs. I am a sucker for symmetry and that arm would just stick out like a sore thumb :mental:
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    Post-Processing Rosin - Your wish, after the squish

    I heat my extracts simply to make them not shatter but butter. :shrug: One of these days I would love to find the time to write a little something about hype and downright BS in the cannabis scene... herp derp look at my diamonds man! herp derp
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    Gear Slug .33 Rosin Forge

    I believe hair straighteners will give better quality but lower yield, because you can press at lower temps and get results. A rig that requires the extract to run like a liquid will always yield lower quality but heavier product. In my experience once extract has been heated to that point a...
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