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    Other brands of Accessories that fit the TinyMight.

    I have the baller stem from GVB (the maker for that stem for OWW). It came with a typical dome screen iirc. It also fits my dome screens from Ed's TNT and amazon. I wonder if they made it a little too shallow. You could always reach out and ask.
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    Firewood Vaporizer

    I'd prefer option B, but I agree it matters a little less with an acrylic MP rather than glass.
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    I have never combusted but I never go above 8 on my dial. Are you using direct draw or with the glass bowl?
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    Anvil by Vestratto

    Per the newsletter, do Canadians call a gravity bong a "water bong?"
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    Cloud Connoisseur Zenith

    None of these three look spalted to me. Although I think if you look in the Atlas thread you will see some there.
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    Airvape Legacy Pro heating coil materials?

    I think you will have more luck asking in the thread for that device. There is even a company rep who replies often there.
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    You should probably get on the list for a GTR now. You'll have plenty of time to decide before your turn comes up.
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    Probably not a satisfying answer but I would say both. My CouchLog has fantastic flavor and I have heard nothing but good about the Heat Island. My other logs are not as flavorful but still great. But the TM is my favorite battery portable for flavor. The FW7 and Mi3 are tied for second...
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    Will a Vapexhale fit a carta 2

    Are you asking if one of their glass pieces will fit that rig?
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    The TM is great with very small amounts like that. However it is pretty easy to extract it more quickly than you might like. Temp stepping is a great way to prolong a small bowl, but you will probably find you are fully extracting even a .05 bowl in 1-2 hits if you aren't careful. Don't get me...
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    TinyMight / TM 2

    Yep. I use a dome screen with no rim. Like you said, the ones with a rim get caught on the o-ring and make a mess. I have a bunch from Amazon and Ed's TNT. I don't have any problem with the screen slipping out. The Vlad stems have a dimple to hold it in place, but I find the screen tension is...
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    TinyMight / TM 2

    You already have lots of great recommendations but the stem I use on the go now is from 508phineas on Instagram. I have heard he is not making more but he might still have some. The two that I have cool wonderfully, with no CU.
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    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    #1! That is the OG OG OG. Oh gee!
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    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    I have been switching between the lotus stem and jay hooks. The hook cools very nicely but I am finding the long stem to be reasonably cool.
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    Portable dry herb vape pen

    I think I see the misunderstanding. I absolutely think there are many people who can't do this. I just think most people can with a good device. I definitely don't think it is a superhuman feat.
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