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    No TOUCHING my avatar!
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    GET BENT ---- A Fishing Thread

    Trip to Crested Butte to fish the Gunnisson was out of this world, a true bucket list trip for anyone who chases trout. We pulled 50+ fish per person a day on our float trips, and just slightly less wading. It was a feeding frenzy, fished dry flies all week and was lucky enough to time the...
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    The WOODEN Vaporizer Thread

    This seems so redundant... we all love wooden vapes. The best of the best vapes [most] all tend to be wooden.
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    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    can't believe you just scored a new saucer cap! Congrats to all the new owners!
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    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

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    Covid changes

    I know people that will never again eat cake that other people [or kids] blow on.... but they still have no problem eating a stranger's ass on a Saturday night.
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    What other hobbies are you into?

    I am a hobbyist. Current passion is fly fishing and fly tying, but I’ve got years building and flying giant remote control aircraft
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    The WOODEN Vaporizer Thread

    It seems like the majority of all craft vapes are all wood... Toad/Nomad/P80/Nano/etc.
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    GET BENT ---- A Fishing Thread

    I've not yet tried one of my wooly buggers yet, but I am sure they will SMASH it! Last night was fishing a Cousin IT, will likely continue to throw it a little longer as I broke my heavy bass setup Friday night. I snapped my 6wt tip setting the hook on a ROCK! Cant wait to get my 6wt back...
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    GET BENT ---- A Fishing Thread

    FINALLY hit up the neighborhood pond last night around 10pm, on my way to get gas. It was a damn feeding frenzy! Caught my first bass on the fly, and also my first bass in probably 25 years. I only spent about 15 minutes and pulled in 3 smaller large-mouth, 1-2lbs each, and a sunfish. Also...
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    The GTR

    Hey Alan! What is availability looking like? Are units ready for sale or is there a wait? THANKS!
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    Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!

    Funny story about that story, I knew his "new" pilot and he called telling me to watch the evening news that night... I've taken a short maintenance flight on his plane, it was a sick Westwind with a pirate ship on the tail and a sign on the inside of the door that read: "FLYING HIGH IS THE...
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    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    Les, can you explain the differences in the brands DP now offers?
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    What erigs are you currently using?

    I have found great, consistent results with a DabRite... but there are many options for portable temp readers. I've tried so many... still never found one that I'd WANT to use over a real rig or a RiO. Most recently, took a new Peak Pro out to Crested Butte on a fishing trip, then over to Red...
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