Current (in order of use): FlowerPot B1 (22mm/18mm/3mm) - TinyMight - Chill Pipe w/ Ash Catcher - Mega Cube (only for group whipping since Chill Pipe) - Electric Tobacco Shredder - Brilliant Cut Grinder (Fine Plate) - Flower Mill Premium (otw)
Next: Yodabba Quartz eNail Banger for 25mm Coil, 25mm R-Clip eNail Coil (probably Black Friday)
Past: - Anvil (FlowerPot B1) - vapman classic (TinyMight) - Volcano Hybrid Onyx (selling) - Mighty+ (TinyMight) - Mega Globe Mk. 2 (w/gf) - Revolve Stem (TinyMight) - Crafty+ (w/gf) - Puffco Peak Pro (sold) - Stonesmiths Slash (graveyard) - Magma Obsidian (graveyard) - GRAV Medium Upright Bubbler (graveyard) - Santa Cruz Large 4-piece Rasta Shredder (selling) - POTV Grinder (w/gf)


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