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    After Fucking Combustion Getting Progressively Higher

    maybe since quitting smoking your lungs aren't as full of gunk so they're absorbing vapor more efficiently. easy enough to test: smoke a joint, see if you get higher than you used to before you quit smoking (vaping's more efficient, so I wouldn't obsess about how much weed's in the joint vs. a...
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    Replacing Crafty

    I've had a mighty (pretty much identical to a crafty) for about 7 years. if it died tomorrow I'd get another one. there's absolutely nothing about it that makes me think I need something different.
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    Are "weed pens" vapes?

    I think we're seeing economic forces at work. vaping flower mostly appeals to people either trying to avoid lung trauma or seeking better flavor - or both (there's a small group of 'early adopters' too). oil pen users are more interested in convenience, the ability to get high discreetly, don't...
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    US govt survey 2022

    "The survey found that 43 percent in the 19-30 age group had used cannabis 20 or more times over the previous month, up from 34 percent. In 2011, that figure was 29 percent. Daily marijuana consumption also jumped significantly, to 11 percent from 6 percent in 2011."...
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    Vaping "Just on weekends"

    I went from almost daily to ~1x/week years ago, definitely had daily (if not hourly) urges during the week while I was doing it. it took a while, but my jonesing during the week is pretty much non-existent now.
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    mighty + med patient question.

    if his tolerance is low, he might be ok with shorter draws on the mighty, but people with normal or higher tolerance need longer draws (6-10 sec). the mighty's known for its pretty easy draw, but for someone who's used to just emptying a balloon, it might not be a good fit.
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    Help me enjoy vaping more

    @saffavaper not sure you need to target a particular temp - 'stop when it tastes like burnt popcorn' keeps it simple.
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    Help me enjoy vaping more

    one possible cause could be not finishing the load. vaporizers can be extremely efficient (I get ~15 hits from .15g of flower in my mighty). plus, if you're stopping before it's done, you might be missing out on the more sedating components of cannabis that vaporize at the highest temps.
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    Where to post cannabis reviews?

    another option is; just search for the strain you want to review and follow the link for leaving your own review (you'll have to set up an account of course).
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    seems like this (lengthy) thread addresses the topic?
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    Your Vaporizer Deal Breakers

    needing to stir to fully finish a bowl.
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    The "Natural" THC Percentage and THC/Terpene Ratio

    it does seem like the flavor might suffer a little bit, even be a tad less potent, but it still tastes good and works fine. (disclaimer: I love how you can really taste weed/hash while vaping, but I'm not as hard-core as a lot of the people on this site.) I have lots of strains that are years...
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    The "Natural" THC Percentage and THC/Terpene Ratio

    not according to this: I've been storing my weed in the freezer for years and this rings true; I recently vaped some 8 year old weed and it was still great.
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    The "Natural" THC Percentage and THC/Terpene Ratio

    interesting. 'they' say CBD (which hemp has lots of, right?) doesn't get you high, even counteracts THC, i.e. makes you less high. go figure.
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    The "Natural" THC Percentage and THC/Terpene Ratio

    I don't know how you'd test this; you'd have to have 2 batches of weed that are identical except for the quantity of terpenes. I'm kind of a skeptic about whether terpenes have psychological effects (e.g. limonene = creativity), so if I were to speculate, I'd say there wouldn't be a difference...
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