My Vapes and Accessories
· Flowerpot SH
· Grasshopper SS
· FireFly 2
· Pax 1 (with Newvape accessories)
Grinders: Newvape Fine, Magic Flight Finishing, Space Case Scout.
Retired: The Plenty, No2 Vapir
occupation? preoccupation...


Desktop: Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot + SH + B1· Portable: DynaVap Tips SS '21 Rosium + SS '20 (x2) + TI '19 Stems BB9, BB3, 3D, modded M '20 Caps Rosium + Perforated + others Grinders: NewVape Fine, Magic Flight Finishing, Space Case Scout. Induction Heaters: Caldron, Alpine 2021, Ranger IH Accessories: DynaVap parts, NewVape parts for Flowerpot and Pax · Others (sometime): SS Grasshopper, Pax 1 Sold, lost or broken: Firefly 2, The Plenty, No2 Vapir., BioVapo Express, BioVapo Touch.



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