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if you want to understand similarities in our world and how a plant can help a human... look at the endocannabinoid system...

the endocannabinoid system evolved from sea squirts a few billion years ago! cannabinoids are crystalline molecular signalling structures that are smaller than microscopic and signal information in and out of cell membranes ( phospholipid bilayer) to maintain homeostasis of cellular life.... it's how we are structured and organized into bodies while experiencing the absolute void of nothingness( space)... we float on this round crystal ( earth) through the void of nothingness and rely on fundamental structures to build upon...

for our particular life forms, sea squirts started it all for us... similarities of life expression through homeostasis of cellular make up and design to complete the organism...

can someone explain how the same exact cannabinoids that were expressed in sea squirts billions of years back are now found in cannabis plants...?.... and in Humans ?!? it's been supposed that cannabis evolved 30 to 40 million years ago....

I simply call it " all LIFE" the expression of physical structure from nothing and similarities of that life expression throughout all life forms...

doctors cannot add life to someone per say but rely on a persons' innate ability to organize life into homeostasis... that is all they can do= help someone sustain/maintain homeostasis... endocannabinoids do that!


Modern Man in a Medicine World



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