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    Same here! Been getting back to this ritual, has been fun returning to one of the best vapes in the game.
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    Discussion on Inserts

    Good to see @biohacker again! I still got your dnail sapphire
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    Completed Pockety

    Brand new. Bought as a back up. No longer needed. Comes with Sic and quartz. 145 shipped
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    JCVAP "Pockety"

    Tempting, been wanting to try the ica for my peak pro to give a thorough cleaning. Are the ruby inserts that come with these new 5d chambers for the pockety compatible with the ica ones? Same spec?
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    Same here just ordered glass bowl ate the heaving shipping to the states and now I see this. We should have all gotten together to save on costs lol
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    Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma by QaromaShop

    Are you on the short bowl at these temps?
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    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    Found my TV. I’m down to 195 and it’s where I’ve enjoyed it most. Having some hot spotting still but it might be due to my draw and it’s gotten better with more tinkering with lowering temps and draw strength. The ceramic tafee Bowle is a definite upgrade in my eyes for this thing. Can’t...
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    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Good to see someone trying to support this oldie but goodie. Big ups to you!
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    Discontinued The Hammer Vaporizer

    Time to pull out the hammer and reminisce. Had my legs doing the hammer shuffle like I was at a middle school after school dance after watching this. lol
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    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    No, since returning home I misplaced the device and I’m in search mode, hopefully it turns up soon so I can get back to tinkering with it.
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    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    It has landed and the first thing to do was the tafee bowle mod. Like folks have been sharing it seems like it was made for it. Cannot wait to test this sucker out. Thank you @Berimbolero Fit and finish on mine is quite good. I'm geeked to play around with it. Only had time to run one...
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    Discontinued Hopper io

    Damn! Guess I’m gonna run this sucker til it dies and then goes into my vape museum
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    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    Sound very promising. Thanks for your comments @PPN
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    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    Made the cut! Thanks @Berimbolero
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    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    Bummer I reached out too with no response thru various channels
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