BadDog No

Just another old fart who discovered vaping after decades of combustion. Started with a Vapir in 2006. Leaked like a sieve, but got the job done. A friend still has it; the little drawer sticks big time but it still works. I've upgraded her to my old Craftsman (rebranded Steinel) heat gun since I've recently gone to a digital readout Steinel. My MFLB was a trusty companion for a while, and in truth is still usable especially with the Orbiter and a Power Adapter, but once you go convection...Only writing all this because I'm a little too medicated to do much else but long and ramble here. I do a lot of that... Oh and I jumped on the 'Hopper band wagon last week like everyone else who was on the fence and worried they'd miss out on a lifetime warranty. Hey, wait a minute! Shouldn't I have gotten a discount for being old?
Shoot! I forgot to mention how much I love my FireFlys.
New England
My Vapes and Accessories
Steinel heat gun/ roasting bag; Firefly, MFLB (retired), Vapir (given to a friend), whole bunch of MFLB whips, an Orbiter, a pinnacle micro shower, a small bubbler, various glass adapters. I can go all glass with an Arizer Tuff bowl into their newer angled piece to a balloon (18/14/10), but I usually use a dual screen vapor whip into a chicken size roasting bag using a Vapir bag mouthpiece. A little Frankenstein but it all works. Only added glass in last year or two; big difference.
Oh and thanks to all your bad influences I've added a DDave'd EQ, a Milaana, a Fab egg, various little bits of glass and I have a SS GH coming last month...
occasional teacher of Taoist Yoga



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