Bad Dog


Vapes I have and use from daily driver's to occasionally, in that order: Tinymight ❤️, New Vape/Cannabis Hardware VRod/Weedeater ❤️, Dynavap 19m tip on strong arm adapter, Ruby Elev8r with coil and big shot torch for backup, V3 Pro,
Given away/sold: Dynavap titanium tip on 19m body with apollo IH, 21m and Dyna coil, Ditanium, Tafée Bowle ❤️, crafty,
Retired vapes: Black mamba, ccell palm
Vapes I'm lusting after: Tetra P80, Nomad 2, Toad, Lotus, Collyland Viking/Berserker...... B stock LoL, Sense IH, ?Simrell MVS?/?Revolve?, sublimator, burl e-nano or custom Underdog, Minivap



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