CONCENTRATES Favorite glass: Internal diffusion pump or Faberge egg
August Haus Custom Limited Edition w/ wood strips
CCA Liger Air w/ August shield, Multiple Sapphire, & Obsidian inserts

D-nail SIC Halo w Sapphire disc, slim base - SourceVapes ORB XL 2 w/ TEMP control box - Concentrate kit for mighty - DHGate 50mm thermal banger & a bunch of stuff I never use
Caps: CCA 3.0 + 3.1 Hurricane, Storm cell, & Tsunami separate Master & Flat sets
Bubble cap for 50mm thermal banger (fits 30mm liger)

FLOWERS Favorite glass: Peyote pillar
or Small Faberge egg -Newvape flowerpot w/ Showerhead, handle, & base - Powered by cheap Chinese E-nail (Vape Code) - Storz & Bickel Mighty - Chewy 1 & 2 store grind & dispense - About a dozen glass pieces


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