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Your favorite vape-bong setup?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by notmyrealUSERname, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. notmyrealUSERname

    notmyrealUSERname Notmy Well-Known Member


    Bottom line is that the HA will produce plenty of vapor. If I feel it's not enough for vape binging even after I "modify" it, I can always fall back on my sv.

    HA has been ordered. Thankyou all for your input. I will update with my results as soon as I can.
  2. VapeKing420

    VapeKing420 Member

    I think you should go for the Extreme Q, You will not be disappointed. The Extreme Q is able to fill up bags also it has a whip so its a 2 in one deal I got the Extreme Q and I'm really high right now. If money is an issue or you need to blaze secretly to hide the smell the Vapor Genie is also a good vaporizer, if you have like 3 times the cost for the Vapor Genie which is like 70 cdn than you will need like 3-4 times more depending where you go for the iolite. I personally never tried the iolite but I heard its a really good Vape and it is really small and stealth portable.
    Alright time to go get baked but yeah I promise you you wont regret this
  3. Nycdeisel

    Nycdeisel Well-Known Member

    The Iolite actually is reported to have a lot of problems, and it tastes a lot like plastic, which sounds gross. The MFLB is a much better portable, more stealth too(no lights or sounds), and cheaper, as well as more efficient then the Iolite. The MFLB is also extremely tiny compared to the Iolite.

    The Lotus vaporizer is another cool portable that looks very promising and from what I have heard, is quite efficient! it looks almost like a much improved version of a Vapor Genie, but it needs to use a small TORCH, so that the butane burns clean(blue flame).
  4. notmyrealUSERname

    notmyrealUSERname Notmy Well-Known Member

    i received my HA on friday and i have spent the weekend getting better aquainted with it. :o :ko: :D
    i love this thing!

    okay so heres my :ninja: vaping strategy of how to extract the absolute most out of every gram (without any cooking!):

    first, use the iolite for stealth missions: extended washroom breaks :cool:, walks, etc, then collect abv, obviously.

    second, use the supreme vaporizer to blow massive clouds through all of my glass. then collect abv.

    third, use the herbalaire as a bag vape, or as a vape bong, (no whip - same as oo).
    then collect the abv.

    fourth, revape all of the collected abv from steps 1 -3, with a small amount of kif, and get three cloudy bags @ 400.
    then collect the abv.

    do QWISO wash with the abv from step 4. then heat that ti!

    finally, collect the resin build up on the ti curve, and then heat that ti again!!

    i got an extra mouthpiece just so i could drill it out specifically for vapebonging. i am in the process of looking for some tubing... otherwise i love this thing for use with a bong! it just keeps on giving vapors all day!! i am now only putting enough 'stuff' in to cover the screen on the bottom of the crucible, i have also been putting extra screens in the crucible too.

    i dont think i will invest in the ho pump. i can drain a bag in 4 or 5 big lungfuls, and it takes me about as long as it takes the second bag to fill. so i can keep the rotation going without any downtime.

    my iolite hasn't had any issues at all since day one. i don't get the plastic taste, but i have other vapes that do produce tastier vapor. i bought my iolite over a year ago - before i knew anything about vaping. now that i have done a lot of research about vaping, i don't think i would buy it again - if i had known then, what i know now. there are other vapes that would fit my needs better.
  5. fcombustion33

    fcombustion33 New Member

    I hope since this thread mentiones HA and vape bong set ups, that this question I am posting is posted in the correct place this time:

    I used to own a Herbalaire air pump that I would use for vape bonging, my pump broke, I do not know it's cfm or gallon per second or psi, all I do know is that I want another air pump that is cheap, (under $30USD) that is quiet because this is going to be used in front of people and finally last but especially not least, is powerful, more powerful then the herbalaire pump.

    And before someone accuses me of being lazy as a first time poster, to you I have three things to say, 1 I apologize I want to get along with everyone here, 2 I went to herbalaire site and emailed them and have never gotten a reply. I tried calling but can not make international calls. The website does not give the tech specs. And finally 3 I will give a finders fee of 10% to the person who finds what I am looking for, if I am lying, let admin delete this account and ban my IP for life.

    I truly love FC based on what I have seen, I hope I am in the near future considered a valuable asset to FuckCombustions long term success of open/honest/friendly and helpful dialogue

    Thank you everyone, I use the herb for both fun and major theraputic ptsd relief, so believe me when I tell you that the receiver of the finders fee has made a friend for life.
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  6. fcombustion33

    fcombustion33 New Member

    I just inherited a breathing machine, that is used for breathing during sleep. Does anyone know if I can rig it somehow to blow air even when their is resistance of blow back? Thank you again everyone for all of your helpful information. Long Live FC.
  7. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada
    Welcome to FC! Sorry about your troubles finding the right spot to post...
    Since you have a Herbal Aire product, you should post the question in that thread, located here:

    If you are on the front page, just go to the section you think your vaporizer should be in, if it has a plug go the the Plug In section and for battery go to Portables.

    Any way, just take the pump to a pet store or even wally mart and buy a replacement!
    Get the same size as the original, by this I mean the plastic box should be the same size.
    It is just a simple diaphragm pump that people use for fish tanks.

    Depending on what is wrong with your pump, you may be able to repair it with a kit!
    Remove the 4 screws holding the rubber bottom bit and open it up.
    If the rubber diaphragm is torn, you can just replace that and be working again!

    Let us know how it works out for you!

    I just went on the HerbalAire website and found exactly what you need:

    Did you not see it on their website?
  8. fcombustion33

    fcombustion33 New Member

    Thank you for your help, my HA won't heat up anymore, the lights turn on but never go to green anymore. Anyone know if there is anything I can do? I'll post this question here on fuckcombustion.com and in an email to ha, I will let everyone know what their support can do. But in my experience in the past they have overcharged me and never responded to emails in the past.

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