Worked Colie Recycler and Ceramic KO Ti Nail, SOLD

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    On the fence with dabbing? Try this epic starter set!

    Colie's recycler is a solid piece that perfectly fits the hand and cools like no other. The whirlpool is SG-style but you can see bubbles swirling around, and the double amber looks epic in sunlight!
    (the bowl isn't included, this is FC!)
    [​IMG] ''
    Click to play YouTube Video

    The KO nail is the perfect companion for the Colie recycler or any other piece, since it mates to 14mm/18mm, male or female!
    Nail has been babied and never overheated.
    The ceramic base means no titanium touches the glass and it stays cool to the touch! Just lift it after a hit to clear with fresh air rather than hot air through the nail :tup:

    KO nail is $70 $60 shipped
    Recycler is $150 $140 shipped

    Best deal: $200 $180 shipped for both!

    Click JoeKickass and then "Start a Conversation" to send me a message,
    Thanks for looking! :wave:
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