Why I Gave up Cannabis

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by JRR22611, Jul 22, 2016.

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    Down down under
    I think I get what you're saying, and I think a better wording would be 'normal' over 'natural' - because some peoples natural state is deplete or overridden (imbalanced).
    Given cannabis' interaction with us, I do think it's a plausible way to healthily rebalance ourselves.
    However I think there is possibly other more effective ways with regard to brain chemistry.
    Incidentally what you have stated is eerily accurate to me, and in that instance cannabis has merely been a welcome distraction and in some way has helped me to veer from negative thoughts.
    But without trying other medicines I can't really comment on true healing potential.
    It's helped me help me, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it has cured me of negative thoughts. I think that is always a potential and it is ultimately up to us to avoid thinking detrimentally.
    In this realm of contrast there will always be someone you can label negative, it's all perspective.
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    Down down under
    I just stumbled upon this, which made me think of this thread
    It seems evident that an absolute lack of tolerance could mean greater efficacy of cannabinoids.
    However it could also mean dosage thresholds shrink, and as we are still learning about how this medicine helps us, that could make it harder to properly treat ailment.
    Furthermore, if we already have a working tolerance/consumption pattern, it could make appropriately dosing after tolerance adaption much more simple.
    Finally, and this is more relevant to my own usage,
    So there you have it. In light of this thread title, I will be attempting to drastically change my user habits. I am definitely not giving up, but cutting back.
    I have set a challenge for my usage many a time, never very successfully.

    Currently I think n' days on = n' days off would be ideal, but I find it difficult to be this sober. Or something. I tend to chop up every chance I get. Which is not a healthy lifestyle.

    Anyways, check this:


    That link is a wealth of information, this plant is beyond fascinating :)
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    I haven't had a lot of luck with n' days on and off. either It feels like the body and mind get uncomfortable with toggling back and forth. So what does work for me is a hard reset by t-break (24 days now). It's easier being sober for weeks than it is for days. I'm relying on my body to tell me when to begin again.
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    Down down under
    Interesting. My reasoning was that if I spent a few days on (not necessarily constant use, but once per day), a few days off would be beneficial, but going day on day off probably would get uncomfortable, and limits the benefit of the break too. In fact with consistent high intake I'm sure fluctuating tolerance would make sure of this. I'll have to experiment a bit.

    Honestly though, compared to withdrawals from tobacco and cannabis, I really am not finding my current break from just cannabis that noticeable or difficult. I haven't really felt any nausea, cravings or had any mood changes (some slight irritability), but I have had more REM sleep (or so it seems, definitely having vivid dreams and remembering them after waking up).

    More than likely, once I get more herb I'll probably go back to daily usage but try and limit dosage. I'll also definitely have more tolerance breaks. Going non-stop really reduces the overall effect, and ramps usage way up to counter this, costing extra money and probably having some negative effect on health.

    A month or so off here and there (well, relying on your body to tell you) is probably the best method.
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  5. CarolKing

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    Why dont you slowly cut down gradually over several days. Then just use cannabis at night for a while. There might be some days you could stop using if your tolerance wasn't so high.

    If your cannabinoid system is saturated you won't get a good clean high. Using cannabis from morning until bed time will do that. I get an extremely high tolerance if I use too many concentrates all the time. I use concentrates just a couple times a week, if that. I prefer flowers anyway.

    The body and mind works better if you gradually change things around with cannabis. I like using several different strains that helps with my tolerance levels.

    I use cannabis now for pain and have used recreationally for a long time over the years.

    I don't like the title of this thread either.
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    I agree everything @CarolKing said above. Also exercise helps with flushing your system and maintenance of tolerance. Getting a workout in first thing in the morning gives that morning sesh a more clean and energizing feeling. In the afternoon go for a bike ride or run and boost those brain chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. Exercise will also improve sleep which makes that bedtime sesh more effective. Exercise helps with tolerance and cannabis helps your muscles to relax and recover. Low physical activity combined with high cannabis usage/consumption over time will most likely lead to more frequent feelings of weakness, fatigue, and higher tolerance when compared to a lifestyle with a more balanced physical activity level. Of course diet and nutrition are just as important.
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    Down down under
    Slowly adjusting intake rather than abrupt change, and mindful amounts of exercise and nutrition are beneficial for good health for sure, but the intent of this thread I believe is to clarify if having tolerance is detrimental for health benefit by introduced cannabinoid interaction. Which, depending on particular medical reasoning is true.
    It's probably not true that someone who has never used it has better efficacy of cannabis, in fact this is documented as uncertain.
    Any use daily (at least once per day, not necessarily all day, one single use within 24 hours) is potentially bad for transient memory, anxiety and blood pressure. And probably a range of other things.
    Tolerance mostly effects CB1 receptors, literally by removing them from cell membrane.
    As a recreational user, the title of this thread is not really that bad a choice. However I enjoy the effect enough, so I personally choose not to give it up. (As I'm sure most here will agree).
    I think it reduces stress, which I connatate with better health. But realistically speaking, frequent use is not good for the system no matter how much you counteract with food, exercise or sleep.
    But, if you get other health benefits from it (epilepsy, Alzheimer's, pain relief), then the net result may still favour heavy usage, but this will be for the vast minority of users (given its recreational abundance).
    And it's likely (in some cases) that infrequent use will offer the same benefit at less of a toll on the system.
    It's very much a personal medicine, which is possibly why it's taking so long to become a globally legitimate one.
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  8. CarolKing

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    If you have a high tolerance level you won't get a medical buzz, that's been my experience. Some folks aren't bothered by a high tolerences. You can get a tokerence using for medical as well as recreational. Sometimes micro dosing works. Sometimes too much of a good thing doesn't work as intended. Different vaporizers help too in my case, I guess I'm confused as to the thread? Sorry if I'm astray.

    The original question, I think the jury is still out. The Feds need to free up funds for more research. There have been many positive studies but there needs to be more. Rick Simpson says RSO cured his cancer. It may have.

    People are using cannabis for MS, HIV, muscle spasms, eating disorders, seizures, plus many more illnesses the list its getting longer all the time. Now we are hearing PTSD, suicides, opioid addiction and Alzheimer's. It's probably more anecdotal that actual scientific results.

    Exercise and eating right is so important. Plus it always makes me feel better. It's not always easy to follow through but when we do we do notice mentally as well as physically.
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    Here's my reason:

    I just got diagnosed today with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. The doctor prescribed 90 cessation of all cannabis use to make sure. It's either this or I am going to die ignoring it.
  10. KimDracula

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    Good to know about this just in case. Hope things get better quickly, steama.
  11. Baron23

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    Paranoid and way, way, way too much worrying.

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