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Why does my ejmix liquid darken so fast?? Help with melo 3 tank

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Preferredduck, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Preferredduck

    Preferredduck New Member

    Ok I have been using the open carts for a bit and I know the liquid darkens in light etc over 4 to 5 days. Thus is darkening the same day/overnight. I am using mediCal grade ejmix. The ratio is 1:1. 1 G of goodness to 1 ML of product. I am using the .3 ohm coil running at 15 watts now. I was running at 25ish yesterday and higher the first daym I add maybe .5ml of fluid to the tank at once since I keep many different flavors. I am using a melo 3 tank with a pico battery btw. If anyone has experience with this setup let me know. I want it to get me feeling right from car wrecks I was in but also to conserve which the disposable carts were helping with. Any advice is appreciated.

    Also I need to order more coils. Anyone else have any ideas on good coils for what I am doing. Low watt seems to work well for me and I'm using a .3ohm now.
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  2. 420time

    420time Well-Known Member

    This has happen to me many times, i assumed it was just heat from the coil kind of decarbing it? only way to get around it was to use other types of refined concentrate like winterized oils.
  3. Preferredduck

    Preferredduck New Member

    I read last night 50 degress C and peg oxidizes and darkens. At high watts my tank got hot. I put in the .5ohm coil at 15 watts only, puffed for 2 to 3 second intervas until I popped, and thus far no darkening or flavor change. Even the fluid on the edges was tasty this time unlike last. I think whatever plant material is left burns at decent temp and foes back in or its the peg getting hot from the coil. I can make a disposable cart do this when it becomes clogged so now I'm assuming it's heat. I read another person rus at 10 watts, I got 0 vapor then. Right now I think it's ag 18.5 but I can't pull long. I go for conservation anyways.

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