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White Rhino Galaxy vaporizer

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Mynameismud, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Anybody heard of this company? Looks like they have an e-cig model as well as the galaxy vaporizer. The galaxy vaporizer looks identical to the ivapor which is on gotvape and is made by skyda...makes me wonder if skyda ripped this company off as well. Anyway the website is www.whiterhinoproducts.com i believe
  2. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    I think it's more likely to be either skyda or a 3rd party rebranding Skyda vaporizers.
  3. brandy_smokersdepot

    brandy_smokersdepot Enthusiast of Stuff & Things Retailer

    Forgive me if any of this has already been addressed, as I am new to the forum and this is my first post.
    I don't know much about White Rhino, but I do know that they were manufacturing their own brand of herbal incense about a year ago before the ban on that stuff. I know that's the same company -- they are using the exact same logo and brand name -- so the company itself has existed for over a year now, at least. I don't think they had vaporizers back then, so... just as new to the vaporizer market as I am to this forum, perhaps. Whether or not it is a rebranded Skyda would be up to you all to decide. I'm just going to continue to lurk. ;)

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  4. Motavation

    Motavation What is your Motivation!!

    Yes Sky-DA is a SCAM. I know have tried to purchase from them. WARNING TO ALL MEMERS! SKYDA ripped off the i Vapor name and also tried to rip off OMICRON products!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! SEARCH google as I have seen 3-5 other folks who have been screwed by there staff. EMILY, CICI, etc.

    Anyways back to WR, they are fairly new to the market and yes they also got ripped by CHINA. they bought the fake i(vapor) model and probably still have it. Also the DUAL model was a failure but great idea. What will they come out with next. There Sleek is very simular to ATMOS THERMO however now Atmos came out with the version 2 or Thermo v2 upgraded with atomizer options as now the little competition Mini Stix and microG or Grenco Science micro G pen is simular to them all. Also same as CLOUD and many others. SO let's all be real. Which model do you use? Which model is best?

    I personally have 2 - Thermo 1 models on sale as I bought two sets on sale from my smokeshop buddy!! Name your price and ill include both atomizers for the test!!

    If you need any other brands or generic models USA or china, let me know. My buddy flys back and forth monthly and brings me back samples and gifts!

    I have tried all models and now will expose the truth!!
    Sleek best price online $49 SO FAR! Anyone find cheaper?
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