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White Firefly 2

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by cgod, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. cgod

    cgod Well-Known Member

    http://imgur.com/33grx7d http://imgur.com/R5ogH7R

    Hi there guys, up for trade is my FF2

    Vapes i want to trade for are: Arizer Solo/Air 2 or Davinci IQ

    I love my Firefly, easily got vapor from it from the first time using it ( before the update ) and after the update i get even bigger vapor within eight seconds! It is still by far the best vaporizer i have used in terms of tasting my herb!

    Reason i am trading it is simply i have way too many on demand convection vaporizers ( Milaana, SBJ, Triihouse Lily, Lotus and others )

    It comes with its charging dock, two batteries, concentrate pads, cleaning kit was already used by the previous member i got it from

    The vaporizer itself is in top condition, it may be shocking seeing the amount of vapes i have collected, but i dont vape too often ( once at night every other day ) so its mileage is very low!

    The only thing i have to show is there is a small hairline fracture which the previous owner done by accident, he assured me it had no impact on the vape itself and i can honestly say i have never had any problem and its more of a small cosmestic flaw: http://imgur.com/tfEanVd

    I live in the UK so it would be easier if you was from here or EU, but most of my trades have been done abroad, so if you are a international member, i am still willing to do a trade with you as i have in the past, thank you!
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