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Which to get? Apple or pear.

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by cosimo, May 4, 2018.

  1. cosimo

    cosimo Member

    Hi. So i have a strange question, which is basically asking to compare 2 very different style vaporizers to see which would be better for me to purchase. Please, bear with me.

    This is my situation:
    -I have aprox 100 USD budget.
    -I don't care about portability.
    -purchasing outside my country almost always doubles costs, so, for example, buying a new xmax v2 pro in usa and have it sent here would end up costing about 100 usd at minimum.
    -The options to purchase here in my country with my budget are:
    1. Used Arizer V-tower (bought april 2017, in very good condition, has two cyclone bowls, 1 pvc tubing, 1 silicone tubing, popourri dish, no elbow screen, two cyclone bowl screens, manual, and power adapter)--> 100 usd

    2. New X MAX V2 Pro --> 95 usd
    3. other brands/models of vapes are either above my budget, or are within budget but are very likely counterfits.

    Once again, i know the comparison is not appropiate. But since in my situation both option cost the same, but one is used and the other brand new, maybe the choice is not so obvious?? I want quality vapor (taste) and no unhealthy inhalation.
    I'm leaning towards de V-tower, but maybe someone who has used both might find a new V2 pro with galss/bubbler mouthpiece to be better than or the same as a used vtower... dunno.

    Any inputs will be deeply appreciated.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  2. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I don’t know too much about those two, but a few other to consider in that price range are the Elev8r, the Fury 2 and some of the VapCaps. They’re all very worth looking into for that price range!
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  3. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    The V2 Pro is nothing special. It's fine for every level conduction. I'm sure the Arizer is the nicer device and that's what I'd choose. I helped a friend get a V2 deal for occasional use but wouldn't recommend it without a 20% code or something like that.
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  4. cosimo

    cosimo Member

    thanks for the replies. I ended up buying the used v tower. It arrives on friday!!!
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