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Which is better?

Discussion in 'ABV' started by CBcruze420, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. CBcruze420

    CBcruze420 New Member

    Whats up guys,

    I am new to this website and wanted to know your input about this question:
    What do you recommend I buy? The sublimator (primary for herb) or the classic volcano vaporizer. I know either way I would be pretty satisfied but I cant make up my mind. The prices aren't an issue, I just want to know which is:

    More efficient
    and which one produces a better taste.

    Please don't recommend any other vaporizers or say how these two are a waste of money. I want this conversation to be between these two (volcano, sublimator) only.
  2. mlo4sho

    mlo4sho Well-Known Member

    First, hi and welcome.
    Second, how do you plan to use your vaporizer? The two, while high quality and well made units, are very different. The Volcano is used with bags and the Sublimator is typically used with a water pipe or tube. Are you looking for a similar experience to a bong hit or a more relaxed, sit back and sip on a bag of vapor type of hit?

    Now, my opinion. I have not used either unit but I have read enough about them to know a bit. Personally, I would get the Sublimator and wouldn't even think about the Volcano. With bags you're getting a much higher air to vapor ratio, think about all the air being forced into the bag. With the Sublimator you'd get a more dense hit because you're only using enough air to pull the vapor through the tube. It's just a totally different vaporizer - I don't know that they can be directly compared.

    Just a few quick thoughts that will hopefully help a bit.
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  3. CBcruze420

    CBcruze420 New Member

    Hey thanks,
    Yeah I don't think I have much of a preference between water pipe style or bag style. I have used water pipes for a bit so I think bag style would be a pretty cool change. Thanks for your input though. Anything helps.
  4. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    The Volcano is arguably the best bag filler on the market. And IMO is at its best for groups. Filling bags and passing them around is a lot of fun at parties. Having said that, I find that it's sort of overkill if you're primarily using it by yourself. So IMO, if you plan to do a lot of entertaining with your vaporizer, the Volcano is hard to beat. For personal use, the Sublimator might be better.
  5. DOOM

    DOOM Well-Known Member

    I have owned a classic volcano for over 6 years and it's highly durable and efficient. There wasnt much selection 6 years ago and now there's huge advancement in vaporizers over the years. I haven't tried the sublimator, yet. But if I had 500-600 to spend on either I would most likely choose the sublimator because it's more of a one-hitter.
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