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What was your 1st experience with vaping?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by weirdscience1, May 12, 2011.

  1. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Yup that there is what I first tried. It was complete garbage and a waste of my hard earned at a time when I didn't need it. I am sure there are many who tried these kinds of vapes and were put off vaping forever!

    I didn't try another one again for many years after that!
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  2. Laantje

    Laantje Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    I had no knowledge about vaping at all the first time. I picked up this cheap vape in Amsterdam for around 45 euros and got a nice bag of Jack Herer for the first try. I remember sitting at my desk at home waiting for the vape to heat up.

    Once it reached the desired temperature, I made some nice draws but because I was used to smoking, I expected really big clouds! I just kept on drawing all the time. I thought the darn thing was broken and started getting mad until I suddenly realized it got me way too high and thats when I fell in love. :D

    Nowadays I have an Arizer Air and I'm in love with it. Haven't touched a single joint ever since I got this baby.
  3. Burt

    Burt Well-Known Member

    Over the Herbaceous Border
    In the mid-90s I bought this weird device with a soldering iron inside an upturned pickle jar. I still have it. There is a little brass receptacle mounted on the soldering iron's tip, and a rubber hose coming out from the base.

    It didn't work, and I can still remember the smell it made.
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  4. bluenavey00

    bluenavey00 Arizer Air Aficionado

    Could you share a picture? :)
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  5. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    Mid 70's After a High Times article we built a cookie tin with electronics within with a car cigarette lighter inside a baby food jar. Press button, heat lighter till wisps of vapor then release button, unscrew jar and inhale vapor without consuming meds.
    A Lot of work but nice payoff.
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  6. Burt

    Burt Well-Known Member

    Over the Herbaceous Border
    Oh go on then, if yer interested... I give you the Blue Meanie:

    Text on the underside reads as follows
    Authentics ®
    © 1996

    Design: Karl-Axel Andersson
    Made in Germany

    The whip connects through to the tall black plastic tube standing upright (middle picture), and you can just about see the intake hole on the opposite side of the red plastic floor.
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  7. BeOptimistic

    BeOptimistic Member

    A buddy of mine (who's on this forum somewhere) had the old BC Vaporizer, so I tested it out. Because I wasn't then smoking as often as I had been (was struggling with cannabis-induced anxiety), I didn't think I'd buy one, so after some "research" I built one of those super-ill-advised ghetto light-bulb vaporizers. what's that you ask?

    First of all - use a CLEAR incandescent bulb - not one with any kind of frosting, and definitely not an CFL, or you'll die even faster, or get some weird brain disease or something.

    1. Carefully separate threaded metal portion from the light-bulb. You have to break part of the "mouth" portion of the glass after removing the metal cap, if I recall, but it's doable.
    2. Clean out the aperture as much as possible. That shit's *glass, yo*, so *clean it*.
    3. Find a plastic bottle cap from a pop bottle - I suspect a metal one will do as well, don't know, never tried.
    4. Cut 2 holes into the top of cap, insert straw / tubing into one of them - the other hole is the air-intake / carb.
    5. Seal the be-tubed hole with least-cancer causing substance you can find, if desired.
    6. Thread cap onto light-bulb - don't tighten to infinity - that's a light bulb, man.

    When you want to vape, you simply remove cap and add a bit of herb to the light-bulb. Replace cap. Now, freebase-style, hold open flame or heater thingy to the bottom of the bulb - takes practice not to cause combustion, but again, it's doable.

    So yeah, BC Vaporizer - that was my first experience. Then it was onto one of the many Vapir models (none of which I owned myself). Never a fan of those. Then the Da Buddha (which I still own - that thing is a champ), then MFLB, then PAX1, then PAX2.

    You DID ask for my whole life's story ... right?

    Mid 70's? You're a renaissance man (or woman). That's unreal.
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  8. ma125

    ma125 Well-Known Member

    After a couple years wanting to own a vape, I finally decided to buy a Arizer Solo back in june 2012...
    It was love at first hit
    Never looked back
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  9. MikieJoe

    MikieJoe New Member

    I got my first one a few months ago after having moved to Seattle. My fiancee makes edibles but for some reason they weren't hitting me too hard. The ones that did would take like 1.5-2 hours until I got the full effect, so I decided I'd try getting something that hit a little bit faster. I grabbed myself a simple vape from one of the local pot shops.

    I decided to grab both the oil that you insert yourself and a cannister that you just connected. I tried the oil and didn't get too strong of a hit. Then I tried the cannister. I took two medium sized hits and I was over the moon for like two or three fucking hours. I hadn't been that high in a very long time - it was awesome.

    Since then I don't get quite as fucked up now that I know how hard it hits me. I'm usually good to go with half a hit - a full one if I'm looking to relax a bit ore. It's pretty nice.
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  10. gaseous_clay

    gaseous_clay Well-Known Member

    I had heard about vaping. Saw a guy on the subway puffing on one, stoned out of his mind. Nobody I knew had a vape to try. I researched for a few years & never found the right, simple, affordable enough vape to get me to switch.

    Then my aunt went & got stage 4 lung cancer. I decided that not inhaling smoke was my future & suddenly was willing to spend a few extra dollars to possibly extend my life. I found the original Pax.

    So that first rip where it doesn't really feel like anything, but then you exhale & see the cloud. Well, a minute later I'm not really feeling anything, so rinse & repeat 2x. Oh wait. Then it hit me.
  11. CloudyDayz

    CloudyDayz Active Member

    I was living up in Northern California around 2006-ish and some guys I knew had a volcano. I tried it and thought it was cool as a "different" experience . .I really didn't consider the health aspects of it at all. I got a heat gun and started vaping with that and eventually bought a volcano. I had some kind of "vape pipe", too, that was horrible and burned the herb every single time, lol. Then I moved away and herb became a bit more precious . .I felt vaping used more and the high was 'missing something' so I went back to combustion.

    Then a few months ago, I quit smoking cigarettes and I started to feel like smoking herb was a drag . .I was tired of gooey black resin and ashes and sore throats and coughing. So, kind of on a whim, I went down to the local shop to see what kind of vapes they had - I ended up with a Vapir No2. I wished I had done some research before I did that because, while the Vapir does the trick, I've already replaced it with a Hydro Brick Maxx and a vapcap.

    The amount of new vapes since 2006-ish is pretty mindblowing, lol. I'm kind of skeptical about ABV but I'm going to give it a try since I've already got a bunch. I'm going to go for alcohol tincture and heavy reduction - try to get 5+ grams of ABV per ounce of tincture . .something like that. I love tincture made from fresh herb at 1gram to the oz in a cup of herbal or Indian tea.
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  12. Steph

    Steph Well-Known Member

    I discovered vaping on an online headshop, they had a vaporizer section with some explanations about what vaping was, I thought it sounds to be really interesting and so I bought their less expensive vape, the vaponic.
    The first time I tried it I was on my couch, watching TV, and took a few rips. I was totally amazed by the awesome taste, but didn't really felt any effects, so I continued and then, after like 10 minutes I felt the effects coming gently and thought "ok, not bad" but it was only the beginning and after a few minutes I was high as I never been before! :o
    I remember that I watched a bad TV show that I usually never watch and I laughed from beginning till the end :rofl:
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  13. rodders83

    rodders83 Contemplator of dual Mighty's

    From the UK
    I wish i even knew how did i find out about this place? I checked and i signed up a day after i bought a £413 Herborizer haha, And i was putting in micro doses and getting no where. If only someone had said son, Crank that thing up and load about a gram at a time for clouds.

    And the party began when i figured that out after a month or two because i never remember coughing and pointing my finger at the sky because i just had a massive rip after a joint. Bloody pussies who sip on joints real smoking is a massive cloud rip. It is also much more trippy than your first joint.

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  14. RedRoxsSons

    RedRoxsSons New Member

    First time I had marijuana was through a volcano vaporizer. To be honest the first 7 times/days I didn't really feel anything, however by the 8th time I was laughing all day.

    Never had that experience ever again, like super intensive laughing for no reason. A day I will always remember :)
  15. Paka-cholo

    Paka-cholo Flaccid Member

    Hollister, Ca
    I had an experience very similar to yours lol. I got my first vape in November 2016. I walked into one of my local shops and bought what the guy recommended. He sold me a G Pen for 45$ because I told him I was new and didn't know if I'd stick with it. Plus I wanted something to vape flower because I am clueless about concentrates. I figured it was a reasonable investment.

    So I had some GDP that was top notch. I grinded a nug and stuffed that shit in there. I took like 25 hits off that thing. I thought the vape would be thicker but now that know better I was actually getting decent hits. I got so damn high I was like shit this ain't good. I laid on the bed for a good two hours until it wore off a bit and I packed it again. After that I was looking for my next vap. So I went from a G-Pen to the IQ and I love that IQ. I ended up giving the G-Pen to a co-worker as her first vape. I think she still prefers rolling though.
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  16. Hey Nineteen

    Hey Nineteen Well-Known Member

    My first time vaping was with the N02 Vape. I had bought because I was curious about vaping. I had not smoked any cannabis in over a year(looking for a better job). My dog passed away suddenly and I decided I wanted to get high to forget. I was ready to roll a blunt when I remembered I had bought the N02 a couple months before. I packed that bitch up and that was that. I was hooked from the start. That was 4 years ago and since then I have only smoked 3 or 4 times. I just feel higher vaping.
  17. Marihuana

    Marihuana Iso Tensei

    I got into vaping because I wanted to stop tasting plant matter and save money. The first time I had ever vaped, I found myself running a presumably Chinese domeless nail through a big, fat 16" beaker. Needless to say, I didn't know what I was doing at the time. Even with a tolerance I find myself dropping a whole lot less on concentrates, vaping around as often as I'd smoked flower.
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  18. kuzko

    kuzko Well-Known Member

    I first got into vaping because it was advertised as a discreet way to smoke, like it didn't smell. I quickly found out it still reeks haha but in a different way. But I eventually fell in love with vapor anyway.

    My first vape was a box vaporizer with a whip. It did the job, a lil too easy to over char though. Those are the days.
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  19. organicali

    organicali Active Member

    SF Bay Area
    Friend's roommate in college had a volcano. Looked like a space ship. We planned to vape and watch a movie. Never having used one before but is all being regular smokers I was up for anything. He filled up a full bag of dense vapor for me and told me to inhale it while breathing normally until the bag was empty. We each did this.

    Wow was I lit.
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  20. Dynalowrider

    Dynalowrider Well-Known Member

    Deep in the heart
    Got out of the service in May of 65. Two months later a 'Nam buddy got out and called me. I went over and he had some hash. We took to heating a couple of table knives and using a soda bottle with the bottom removed to suck up the vapor. We ran out of hash so tried a nug. That was my first time vaping flower. Couple years later I tried the light-bulb. Moved on to the Vapier No2 and MFLB. The best part of vaping is learning about a new vape, and the best way to use it. Fun part of any job is research and development. Doc
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  21. Andreaerdna

    Andreaerdna If God is the answer, then the question is wrong

    Personally was a cheap, knockoff of the bleu meanie

    A herb wasting device, made me think vaporizers are only toys

    few years later I gave it a second try with an arizer Solo, and never burned anything anymore (intentionally)
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  22. BabyFacedFinster

    BabyFacedFinster Capo di tutt'i capi

    I wish I knew about vaping much earlier in life. For years I didn't use cannabis again because of the fear of smoking. 4-5 years ago I was searching around online and discovered that vaping existed. I said to myself "I'm back baby!"

    It took some time to gather together all the shit I needed to get my medical card and after much research my first vape was a Vapor Bros. desktop. I still have it and the vape works very well. Just a bit bulky for today's needs but I'll pull it out for a large session.

    My first time vaping was about 4 summer's ago on my back porch one night. I remember the herb was some Mango I had picked up. I was surprised that there were no seeds in weed anymore. I tried very little and didn't know if I got high or not. The next night I was sure of it. ;)
  23. harvey

    harvey New Member

    I still remember when me and my friends got a vape for the first time from a local headshop by contributing the money. We were 5 friends and we vapes for around 2 hours. Haha... but it took us 1 hour to understand how it works and what we have to do with it :p We just wanted to get a little high :p

    Now 6 years forward and I'm still laughing while remembering the good times :)
  24. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    a shithole country
    My first vape was a Crafty a little over three years ago. You can't go wrong with an S&B or an Arizer vape for your first time.
  25. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    First was a friends magic flight launch box. I loved the low-tech mouse trap-ness of it and it did something to make vaping feel like this cool alternate analog. Since then I see that vaping can go super high tech so while I don't own one I still hold the MSFL in this special place.
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