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What was your 1st experience with vaping?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by weirdscience1, May 12, 2011.

  1. weirdscience1

    weirdscience1 Well-Known Member

    It was when I bought a small vape from local headshop,
    I remember thinking "this" better work!

    Well,it worked!

    Then went through the Volcano,didn't like the bags,so I got an Vaperwarzs vape that They said was a Brothers Vaporizer $181.63,

    then now to VLV,and i just think,man if I knew then what i know now...
    The journey continues and some friends try it and like it others forget about it.
    Stay Green,
  2. Rico420

    Rico420 Well-Known Member

    NorCal Mountains
    Cool Topic idea! I started with a little ghetto broken mini light bulb, lol. Just tossed the herb in, heated, swirl, repeat. Worked ok.

    Next was a crappy whip vape, plastic case, very inaccurate and highly variable temp, overall better than a bulb but still not great.

    Furthermore, I got a launch box a few years ago and loved that thing to death. Twice. Literally, i used it so much the screen got f*&ked up and another got clogged. MF warrantied both of these of course, and that made me decide when my current MFLB takes a shit on me i'm gonna just buy another because MF kicks ass and as far as i'm concerned they earned it in customer service/warranty. Not to even get into the power adapter which i own and absolutely think its fantastic. Made me finally decide to get a nice glass bubbler to go along with my setup.

    Finally, i ordered a woodeez off ebay for $130 shipped new from the makers of the product. I am sure i will be very happy when i get it later this week and get to play around with my new vape.

    Overall it seems the simpler the better imo, and rohs wood bodied vapes with glass water filtration is the way to go. Not to mention the portability of these vapes (MFLB + WZ). I even had a stoner idea of buying a small 12v 12ah SLA battery that i could theoretically use to power the mflb pa and the Woodeez as they are both 12v powered devices that use relatively low power. Similar to a Vapolution Battery, but more capacity at the expense of weight, size, and price. Anyone have any ideas on this? Maybe i'll start a topic.

    I wish i knew everything i now know about vaping two years ago, sure would have made this hobby alot cheaper lol :lol:
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  3. ShadowLink12

    ShadowLink12 Activist

    My first time vaping was at the blues brothers coffee shop in amsterdam (was right next to our hostel, so our first stop). We were feebly rolling joints (pretty big mj newbies at the time), and there were not a ton of people there. Next thing we know our budtender came over with a nice fattie prerolled for us, and a full Volcano bag. I was BLOWN AWAY. I had only been smoking for about a year, and while I don't remember a ton about the experience (I was floored)...I will never forget the flavor of that Volcano bag, I didn't even know mj could taste that good, I thought they must have put some other herb in there.

    The really funny thing, was the guy was pushing me to "keep going" while I was inhaling from the bag, needless to say, I took a majority of the bag in one rip and coughed up a lung, haha.
  4. weedemon

    weedemon enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada
    my first time, comes in 2 stories.

    the first time was when i bought a BC vap from my local headshop for about 100 bucks. what a piece of crap. after a day of trying to use it i threw it out.

    then 2 years later i got to try a Vapor brothers whip style vape. I ended up buying this vape too I think i paid about 100 for that one too (it was 3rd hand at this point) this one worked great, but I was living at home, and i ended up selling it when i went to college.

    the rest is history, just like this story :p
  5. wowthisisrandom

    wowthisisrandom Glass/Vape Enthusiast

    I remember my first time trying vaping. I made a light bulb vaporizer. That was not a lot of fun and made me feel like a crackhead. Then I got a piece of poo china vape for like 50 bucks. That lasted about a week before it broke. Now I got a VB i am very happy with and I ordered a PD about 5 1/2 weeks ago so I should be gettin that soon. I'm very excited :D
  6. steiner666

    steiner666 Serial vapist

    Lost in the clouds
    First for me was when i got my DBV in the mail from Tokin finally. I hurried up and set it up so i could use it before i had to be at work. I wasnt sure what temp to use so i set it to just below noon position and took a few hits and though to myself "wow this tastes AMAZING" it was like the first time tasting real perfectly cooked food after what seemed like a lifetime of eating burnt toast, never knew bud was so flavorful till then.

    but after a few hits at that setting i stopped seeing any clouds, and so i decided to just load another small bowl up rather than risking accidental combustion in my haste. I set the temp a hair higher for bowl #2 and got a huge cloud that made my lungs explode in a fit of coughs as i tried to hold it in. after that i was done lol cause the effect was starting to set in from the first bowl already, i just didnt wait long enough cause i was in such a rush.

    so i was vaked as hell for like 4-5 hours that day at work, which amazed me because usually my buzzes would die as soon as i walked into the office. i think the fact that i didnt have to worry about stinking like smoke, and the clearheadedness of the buzz is what kept it goin for so long even at work.
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  7. CombustionJunction

    CombustionJunction What's Your Function?

    Gainesville, FL
    My first time vaping.... wow....

    It was after a company happy hour. I went to my coworker's house, as usual after a happy hour, to smoke some weed. He asked what I wanted to smoke out of.... spoon, bubbler, bong, vaporizer? I asked "WTF is a vaporizer?" And so it began.

    He pulled out what looked like a Vapir product if I remember it correctly. I should probably ask him if he remembers what it was. Anyway, the thing filled up a bag, he passed it to me, and I took my first hit of vapor. I didn't really know what to think of it. It sure tasted clean, but will it work? It seemed to me that I was just inhaling clean air, hardly any visible vapor. But sure enough, a couple of hits knocked me on my ass. I passed out and woke up at some point around 5am, not really sure where I was. LOL. And that's when I fell in love with vapes. :lol:
  8. lepstadder

    lepstadder Well-Known Member

    I got a BC vape from my GF for my 16th bday eons ago.

    I was so exited for it but it was horrible

    Didnt vape again till the volcano about 10 years later
  9. DrMephisto

    DrMephisto Well-Known Member

    La Mancha
    I was fairly lucky with my first vape experiences. A friend had brought his digi 'cano home from college one winter break, and we hit that (along with some other treats he carried with ;) ). I loved the difference between vaping and combusting, but could never really justify spending $400+ on something that, when you get down to it was still only a method of getting stoned.

    A couple years later, a family member lent me his PD for a few weeks and I was hooked. Picked up the PD from him, then stumbled onto FC...needless to say a VG followed, MFLB after that, then the Hakko/SSV, adopted a mistreated DBV from a friend who didn't care for it (three days of cleaning required before I hit it...ewww), and just picked up the MW on a lark.

    Now I'm just paring down the collection to the necessities....for moving purposes, and just to get decent pieces in to more of my newly converted friends' hands. Vape-friends don't let friends combust. (Or at least we FCer's should try to limit the number of shitty first impressions caused by CCC)
  10. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    I bought a Vapir air digital something or other a few years back. Tried it and laughed at it while I combusted and it's still in closet as it is useless IMHO. A bit later I tried a friend's Volcano and thought it wasn't bad but didn't love the bag idea. I was quitting smoking cigs and decided there must be better vapes out there. Found FC and never looked back ;) Thrilled to make the change and I just wish someone told me decades ago my herbs would taste so much better if I quit lighting them on fire.

    Since finding FC I've bought PD's, LB's, IO's, MZ, SSV and now playing with the Cloud. I am 100% firm in belief that vaping is better and I'm a total convert after heavily toking for over 25yrs.
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  11. SometimesY

    SometimesY Well-Known Member

    After having read about it for some time, I bought a used Volcano on eBay to see what it was all about. I believe that was in 2007. Using it was actually my first time vaping, and I haven't looked back.

    Now I have an MFLB and three PDs, and the 'cano is still around for parties.

    I haven't bought any glass in a long, long time (not that I don't appreciate a nice piece, too).
  12. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    My first experience with vaping was trying to use a small mason jar with some holes poked in the lid for a straw. I ended up burning the shit out of myself and the entire bottom of the jar went 'pop' and broke off.

    I think my Iolite was in the mail at this point, but I was impatient.
  13. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    First experience with vaping was with the VaporGenie after spending some time here reading reviews and such.

    Then got the PD.

    Then won an Iolite in a contest.

    Then got a Buddha.

    Then won a VapoStar in a contest

    Then got a Zephyr (contest/beta)

    Either gave away or sold all my vapes except the one that I am now using as my daily driver......the PD.
  14. SmokingElectricity

    SmokingElectricity Livin' Astro

    The Lab
    homemade one back in high school at my friends house sometime in the mid 90's...

    bought a DBV almost 2 years ago and haven't looked back.
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  15. crawdad

    crawdad floatin

    potano territory
    my first experience vaping was also my first toking, volcano classic. i did around a year of research before my first toke (thats just how i roll). i could go into various details about the experience but the overall feeling was "wow, this just feels right". happy owner of a glass vapor genie, it's my rocket ship running on green fuel.
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  16. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    my very first vaping experience was with a testtube and a candle
    I had read about vaping and the comments about more headhigh spoke to me, so I got a testtube that I had laying around(I ordered 50 once when I wanted to keep ants, didn't really work out since I didn't have a good room to hibernate them)
    I lit a candle, put some weed in the testtube and heated it
    didn't get any visible vapor, but I did get the taste, and got one of the most unuque highs I've ever had, really heady/trippy
    didn't do it more often tough since it was kind of a hassle, but that inspired me to order my VG
  17. Sky Flower

    Sky Flower New Member

    My friends ordered a Vapor Genie on a whim and he introduced me to it. We then realized that there must be something better out there, so I searched on line and stumbled upon FC :)

    Then I got a Magic Flight Launch Box. Then an Extreme. Then a DBV....etc....Eventually sold all my vapes and only have my MFLB with PA :peace:
  18. lepstadder

    lepstadder Well-Known Member

    Nice i love it!!!
  19. DrMephisto

    DrMephisto Well-Known Member

    La Mancha
    Yeah, I laughed at that as well. :D I'm totally using that next time I'm trying to convert a friend, lo. :ko:

    I'm kind of surprised (and happy) to see how many of us started with home-made contraptions...interesting!
  20. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    I went the cheapass route almost four years ago and bought an Ubie "just to see what vaporizing is like."
    Perhaps I didn't give it enough of a chance or I didn't give myself enough of a chance to develop the necessary skill to make it happen but it didn't happen for me.
    Then spent maybe two weeks google searching anything vaporizer related and decided a SSV was for me.
    The post man actually came to my door a few days later with TWO SSV's - a mistake on the part of 7th floor - one had my name on the box, the other had someone else's name with my address. So I took the one that belonged to me and emailed 7th Floor.
    That thing blew me off my seat. Didn't know anything about drying and grinding and I didn't. Yet it was amazing.
    Got into this whole psychonautic ritual with psychoactive teas, the SSV and obscure foreign horror movies. That, and I was into watching "The Dead Zone" TV series
    on DVD - it was a captivating stoned ride.
    Then I stumbled onto FC which I like to think of as a second home.
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  21. GreenLeaf

    GreenLeaf Well-Known Member

    The first time I actually vaped I used a magic flight launch box that I'd purchased.

    A friend of mine in college had a rich roommate who had purchased a Volcano but I'd never used it.
  22. vapirtoo

    vapirtoo Well-Known Member

    My main exotic connect was explaining how his connect only used the volcano with bags and how wasted it got him.
    I immediately went on line and got a vapir 5.0 . The shit rocked my knot, and impressed my connect so much that he went out and got a digital volcano which lead me to
    get the LB anbd the rest is ... :ko: :ko: :ko:
  23. charliedontsurf

    charliedontsurf Medical

    West Coast
    Way back in the school dayz, sleeping over at a friends house, using a no-name glass-dome type vaporizer. I didn't exactly fall in love with vaporizing then and there, but was very impressed with the results.
  24. snackmaster

    snackmaster Well-Known Member

    First vaporizer experience was using a friend's vapor brothers, but I wasn't a huge fan initially because this guy was convinced that schwag vaped better than higher-quality herb. Eventually, though, I got my own crappy ebay box vape, tried it with better stuff, and really became a fan. Six or seven years later, I've got a VaporWarez, MFLB, and MagickWand. Couldn't be happier ;)
  25. stroh

    stroh errl enthusiast

    Action Heights

    haha i've had an extremely similar vape experience as you, though i have only recently acquired a MFLB last month, but since then i have not looked back, and use it as my everyday device. I was less than thrilled with the lightbulb and whip vape i had tried previously, and it wasn't until i experienced the MFLB that i found just how fulfilling the vape high can be. I no longer combust by myself, though i will on occasion with friends who do no vaporize, but i plan on vaporizing for the remainder of my life.

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