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What is the best butter machine?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Stormsend, May 12, 2017.

  1. dannydroid

    dannydroid Google Nazi

    Anyone order one of these lately? Or knows somewhere else I can find one of these things? Not sure how I feel about alibaba (not so much the site, but the seller)

    I'd prefer something all in one, although I'm mostly be using it for ABV (it's nice to have the option :p ) .
  2. Waldorulez

    Waldorulez Well-Known Member

    OK I recently just been wandering if I put foil liner in my crock pot an buds broken up an turn it half way on will it decarb so I can just empty the weed from the foil after an add coconut oil an make it all in a crock pot.
  3. ClearBlueLou

    ClearBlueLou unbearably light in the being....

    the Old Confederacy
    Why not just put it in the crockpot au naturel? One of its temperatures will hit close enough to the heat you want, then just adjust the time, add the butter / oil / medium and run? Set the timer, of course, but....
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  4. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    I have and like the MBM2 but having to use a full ounce renders it an occasional thing. Hopefully at some point there will be a mini version, really the smaller the better; a 1/4 size for a batch of brownies etc. would be ideal for my needs. I've not had the opportunity to try the MBM2 with ABV but I look forward to giving that a try at some point.

    The one appliance that gets the most use for my edibles is the Nova aka "Lift." For proper decarbing I find this to be ideal and the foundation to really effective mind blowing firecrackers, along with an oven thermometer which is extremely important. Since buying the Nova decarber about 2 years ago firecrackers have become my edibles of choice. With a sheen of coconut oil on top of each graham cracker they're not only delicious and effective but simple to throw together and the dosage of each firecracker can be adjusted per person.
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