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What does your Cannabis-friendly doctor think (legal regions only)?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by EverythingsHazy, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    It'd be cool if someone could ask their dr, or ideally their neurologist, what they think about the risk of brain damage / negative brain effects from daily use, and report back here.

    Daily use for nothing other than pleasure, that way there isn't the "it's better than the symptoms/prescription meds you'd otherwise deal with", context.
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  2. Farid

    Farid Well-Known Member

    My neurologist said that any regular intoxication has potential to cause brain damage, but when used consistently and with a tolerance the effects on memory and cognitive abilities is negligible, as is the intoxication.

    My other doctor, who specializes in cannabis reiterated this, and said that anybody, medical needs or not, can use cannabis without brain damage if they are using small doses. She's actually an associate of Dr. Sulak who is an expert in using cannabis in this way.
  3. Alexis

    Alexis Open minded philosopher and realist.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    Bob Marley smoked a LOT of ganja! He was a fucking genius. If that is what cannabis induced brain damage does, GIVE ME SOME!:D
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  4. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    if cannabis were some foreign object forever changing brain structure then yeah... it's not though because of the cannabinoids and instant metabolic break down of those g-coupled ptoteins

    Rastafarians smoke massive amounts of cannabsi their entire lives... their brains are fine and enlightened
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  5. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    I'm aware of the fact that Cannabis doesn't necessarily seem to damage most users (even heavy users) brains to the point of being significantly handicapped in comparison to the average person, but any brain damage does in fact lower their cognitive potential (ex. Regardless of how smart Bob Marley was compared to the average person, he might have been even smarter than he was had he not been a consistent Cannabis user.).

    That's what I'm interested in, in regards to Cannabis induced brain damage. It's negative effects on the individual "potential" of one's brain.
    We aren't used to such high doses of such chemicals, though, which is why we get the effects that we do from ingesting Cannabis in typical doses.
    I wouldn't necessarily consider them enlightened, nor would I assume that their brains are in as good shape as they would be without having smoked cannabis at all.


    What causes me to believe that whatever potential brain damaging effects exist are mild, is the fact that people do consume the equivalent of several grams of Cannabis, every day, compared to consuming say a gram (or less) a day, and if there are negative effects, they should have them multiplied to a point of being very noticeable, but they don't.
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  6. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Cannabis overall seems to have a positive effect on the brain. Human trials are in their infancy but there is an interesting experiment with lab rats and memory. They mimic the human cycle, where brains deteriorate with age BUT much quicker. The older rats have diminished memory etc.
    When cannabis is given to the "old rats", not only is their memory loss halted, they go back to higher levels of memory associated with the juveniles.
    When cannabis is given to the "young rats" their memory performance is slightly diminished.
    The memory test is interesting, a water tank with one small underwater island that they can rest on. Their memory is tested by how quickly they learn where the island is.

    Human trials are certainly needed.
    Also, even though big pharma has spent billions to try to find a "neuro- re-generator" , cannabis is being shown to accomplish this with damaged brain cells, a truly remarkable feat !!!!! A neuro protector and fixer whereby boxers and football players etc should be on a daily protective dose instead of it being prohibited.

    From all the information/ studies/ experiments/ trials I'd say that cannabis has 1000 good elements for every 1 negative aspect.
    Almost all the US cannabis studies were biased/trying to find all possible negatives for cannabis use, but they failed in their seedy objective :)
  7. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member


    ive quoted my self below . as i did mention this in your cannabis effects on the brain thread , but thought id post it here too :rofl:

    like i said the mri i had wasnt to see if there was any differences between my brain (as a heavy cannabis user ) and some virgin brain lol . but it was to look for any abnormalities as i was having some symptoms that made my doctor want to have a look . and as i said all was normal .

    i personally think that some of us get a little too worried im guilty of this too . from all the brain washing we have been inundated with our whole lives by the war on drugs , that has mistakenly takin up the fight against cannabis . we all know that most of the studies done in the past on cannabis have basically been looking for the harms of cannabis . instead of looking at the whole picture . i think that it can cause some of us to be a little to paranoid about there brains and such lol

    just dont do what they did to these Monkeys and you should be ok lol

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  8. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    the fact that we have co evolved ( with sea squirts) since a few billion years ago I'd say it's all good... in fact, without those signalling metabolites ( cannabinoids) we would not exist as we know ourselves today and could not sustain a homeostatic, stable body for self expression...

    just saying something foreign to us in not healthy and causes brain damage... What about any foreign food we eat, air we breathe etc... they are all foreign to us yet in some way can enhance or hinder our existence... We are literally eating ourselves constantly so as not to completely wither away and we must consume our world too as we go along...

    a few notes here.... high concentrations ( 90% thc) of (trichome glandular resin oil ) RSO, RSHO, etc.... some people have been ingesting 3 grams of pure thc oil for years daily.... they look younger, healthier and even threw off cancerous accumulation from their bodies with aid of the oil.... I differ to the signalling metabolites here ( cannabinoids) as the science has shown the entire active process from ingestion to metabolic breakdown to final elimination... all that is left is COOH after FAAH...

    too, the 1980's study on Jamaican mothers who used cannabis during their pregnancy time period.... the researched babies were super healthy, their brains perfectly formed etc... they grew and learned faster/better than other study children etc... that alone says that cannabinoids from cannabis can supply aid in a humans life time from gestation onward.... Plus mother's breast milk is 80 to 90 % endocannabinoids ( they are that important to us!!!)....

    Sadly, we are ingesting/sustaining ourselves with dead, non-biologically active food... Were every human ingesting more bio-active materials ( psychedelics etc.... ) as the daily norm then people inhaling plant matter would not even be needed as we would be lifted- physically,spiritually,mentally all the time just from daily eating practices... think vats and vats of holy anointing oil for every person to soak in all day long if so desired while ingesting copious amounts of monotomic Gold and green super foods... after a few thousand years of living like that then ask where the harm is from in ingesting bio-active life forms

    edit- adding this link here... just reading it and realized it relates to the subject matter ( brain matter!) on hand

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