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What do you pay per ounce of cannabis?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by TwistedGray, Dec 29, 2016.


How much do you pay per ounce

  1. <$100

    17 vote(s)
  2. $100-$200

    60 vote(s)
  3. $200-$300

    92 vote(s)
  4. $300-$400

    35 vote(s)
  5. >$400

    11 vote(s)
  1. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    don't feel sorry for us in California. I get top shelf for under $200US all the time
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  2. 420democrat

    420democrat Well-Known Member

    Talk about winning
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  3. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    a shithole country
    Great news. My cost just dropped again to $325 for an ounce. That's about a years supply for me.
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  4. TheMasterBlaster

    TheMasterBlaster ____Non-Smoker____

    Bayou Country
    I could never do that.
  5. hans solo

    hans solo Left coast Canada

    Maybe a week!
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  6. Saturn_Corp

    Saturn_Corp Member

    I bought my first ounce a month or two ago for $50. Really good stuff. Vape every day and still have a good few grams left lol.

    IDK if it was such a deal because it was my friend who sold it to me, or if it's just getting cheap enough for that price to be competitive. I know dispensaries sometimes offer $100 oz deals.
  7. gangababa

    gangababa Well-Known Member

    center of the jagat
    Currently paying 120 pesos Uruguay per gram of organic grown, so 28 grams cost 3360 pesos, delivered.
    The exchange rate is presently in favor of the US dollar, so it is now $105 an ounce.
  8. bleak

    bleak Stoner Gear Peddler

    Down Under
    For the last year I've been paying $200 an ounce for mids :disgust: Didn't have a choice, its sometimes hard to find ANY weed where I am.

    But now I'm on home grown, thank god!! Apparently that works out to around $1 a gram, so $28 an ounce :nod:
  9. anda1anda2

    anda1anda2 Well-Known Member

    I am in a legal mmj only state, but it is pricey. 300-400+ with the occasional popcorn zips for slightly under 300.

    Most of the better quality herb at my local dispensary doesn’t come in quantities more than 7g and the topshelf rarely more than 3.5 or even 1g increments costing upwards of 20/g. Those are all prepackaged and there is no break on quantity.

    From what I hear black-market zips go from 200-300 around here, but I have no interest in going down that road at my age. The dispensary selection and access to lab tested product is worth the premium to me.
  10. Alex3oe

    Alex3oe Accessory Maker

    We have to pay at least 10€/g for mixed quality. Hash is cheaper with way better quality.
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  11. Rollingstoned

    Rollingstoned Well-Known Member

    Im in Los Angeles, CA
    $150-$160 for some top shelf
    Really good, frosty flowers with great aromas.
    I get 2 ounces every month or so and can vape all day long
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  12. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    Production costs are around $3.78 a ounce this month.............
  13. BaconTrousers

    BaconTrousers New Member

    I usually pay about £50 a Q (7g) for really good stuff. Sometimes I manage to get hold of some ok/good stuff for about £160 but It's getting hard to get at that price due to all the small deal dealers.
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  14. just_the_flu

    just_the_flu they say im crazy but i have a good time

    in front of my screen
    ...i just picked up a pound for $1000 from a local greenhouse (over supply)...
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  15. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    I just bought an ounce of Blue Dream in SF for $156, including taxes.
  16. Manity

    Manity Well-Known Member

    In Canada non legal cannabis is 4$ per gram. I can get pounds from BC for 1200. Legal cannabis is INSANELY OVER PRICED
  17. Mookie0608

    Mookie0608 Well-Known Member

    Medical marijuana is broken here in New Jersey. The strains are limited and all kind of suck. Pot in New Jersey costs twice as much at a dispensary. An ounce will cost over $400, but I can get an ounce of the same and better quality for $150-$200 on the street. I just don’t want to go the street route my anxiety is bad enough. All though I’m at the point now I’m desperate I would gladly buy a quarter for $100 off the street if it’s northern lights. Idk what it is but I’m dying for northern lights and maybe even purple kush. There’s only a few strains that really help me the way I need to be helped and I think it’s sad that no dispensary in New Jersey carries any strains that can help me the way I want to be helped. Purple urkel has been by far the best and only strain so far I got my hands on that helped but it’s been inconsistent, and they think I’m full of it but I truly believe based on my logs the color of the bud affects the high and I told them when I get a batch loaded with purple and blues the high is so much better and helps me better then nothing bud solid green. I got some from them ones green was the odd number out. Purple bud with hues and speckles and patches of green compared to green with a very tiny amount of purple and blue and the highs had 2 totally different effects.
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  18. stinkytofus

    stinkytofus Well-Known Member

    Why dont u guys find 6-8 people and split a lb, oz is a waste of money when # prices in nyc at least is as low as 1200
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  19. Jimmyweaese

    Jimmyweaese Well-Known Member

    If i only knew. Actually i do. But take the drive and expense. Did it
    I know what you mean. Mn and my age driving aways is out. And to costly. So state program and hooe my new gov keeps word on legal.Oil in pens,not cheap. But really quite good.
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  20. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Child Of The Revolution

    Livin' in the 707
    I have no idea. This question is the best reason I can think of to keep receipts and good records for my grow. All of my paperwork was destroyed this year, so I look forward to finding out next year.
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  21. Trypsy Summers

    Trypsy Summers Well-Known Member

    The top draw stuff around here doesn't really sell, so I guess its priceless, ya gotta know people to taste that stuff :suspicious:

    However, I do know you can get crap Kush!:\, along with that notorious 'English' staple 'FILTH (aka Cheese)',:ugh: all day long in most places within the UK for £180 ($230 per oz) especially up North, but not as far up as Scotland!) And the good stuff comes in from about £200 ($250 per oz) out on the street, depending on your links,:\!

    Pure Peace:leaf:
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
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  22. stinkytofus

    stinkytofus Well-Known Member

    I got some green crack, hit me so hard i couldnt move lol
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  23. Mookie0608

    Mookie0608 Well-Known Member

    I so far kind of like it but it’s nit the same as west coast. Our medical strains here kind of suck, but I can see why it’s called green crack dry toking on a j it taste so amazing. Just don’t really agree with why Even the cannabis industry is insisting on comparing pot to hard drugs. 3 that come to mind green crack, lsd, heroinjuana. Ohh and purple crack.

    But yeah the green crack pre rolls I got are decent smell and taste good just the effects are completely different compared to west coast bud. You won’t bust out laughing with Jersey medical bud or get knocked out. Dispensaries around here are harvesting so early so even the indicas are being pushed out faster then should be and they won’t knock you out even blueberry kush and purple urkel they harvest when crystals are still clearing/touch milky. I could be wrong but thought indicas typically had a lower thc percentage and should be at least 80% in amber color when harvested, and early harvests is usually what leads to higher thc content if I explained it correctly the dark amber color is that true indica couch lock and the all clear won’t even really get you high but when milky in color the thc is at its highest then as it turns amber the potency goes way down. I can handle the high thc I just prefer right around 16-18% because I smoke on the hour especially at night and eventually that thc try’s to take over with anxiety and paranoia. Majority of the indicas I been getting are between 22-29% Thca. I’m not complaining about it just when I’m trying to sleep that thc has tendency’s of doing the opposite and keeping me up and jittery. Where I can smoke something in the mid teens all night long on the hour and it will never catch up with me to the point the mid 20s does, and I’m pretty sure it’s just the anxiety. I can tolerate it it’s jusy a lot easier to start panicking if it makes sense or easier to let the thc take control
  24. stinkytofus

    stinkytofus Well-Known Member

    I take a day or two break and it will be strong again, vaping everyday the hi is greatly diminished
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  25. Mookie0608

    Mookie0608 Well-Known Member

    I do it occasionally but it also defeats the purpose of using cannabis. I still enjoy vaping but smoking just beats vaping but I still mostly vape and smoke only when on the worst pain days. I may not always get as high as I used to but at least it still helps relax and calm me down. I don’t really think I could keep going on non stop t breaks. Even after I take breaks I still go back to the vape or bong on the hour rarely push it to an hour and a half. If pain wasn’t my problem then I could go 4 hours. I just keep getting higher in a way. The heavy buzz only lasts about a solid 15 minutes and is usually weak after 30 minutes and gone completely within 45 and the pain starts coming back about 20 minutes later. So that’s why I keep going back. I’m tired of being in pain I was on pills for the longest time and they worked potent helping actually more then the pills but only while the full relief lasts. Once that heavy buzz starts mellowing out if it makes sense that’s when the relief starts to wear off. I’m already aware of edibles and dabs dabs are not available hear neither are edibles I can make them but I just need to bite the bullet and try a low dose. When that high finally kicks into full gear and hits hard that’s when anxiety tends to creep in but that’s also the best relief I get. The head highs and relaxation last 1-2 hours the body buzz and pain relief wears off a lot faster. I think it’s why I been really loving strains that have Moreno if a “opioid effect” and not a “traditional pot high”.

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