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What do you grow? ...no, not that.

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by Caligula, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    As the title says, besides the obvious of course, what do you grow at home?

    I've got a rather small backyard and a smaller garden but it keeps me entertained.

    Seeing as how it's transplanting/planting season (here), it got me thinking... what are my fellow FCers growing?

    I figure this would be a great place to share pictures, stories, and of course helpful advice! Anyway, if you happen to have any of that please post up!

    For me, first up is the very first fig of the season. Not bad for a skinny little stick with a few leaves on it, lol.


    I'll post more as the thread progresses. ;)
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  2. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu i don't ever wanna go to bed

    I have parsley, silverbeat and a persimmon which pretty much maintain themselves, but I am looking into doing some proper growing of fruits and veggies soon. Is it hard and pricey to get started? I'm putting it off due to time constraints as well
  3. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    Hard? No. Pricy? Depends. Like anything there are budget routes and baller routes.

    If you have room you can make a raised garden box (think childrens sandbox but with dirt) for pretty cheap... and if room is an issue pots are always a good option. Really the only cost you'd need to absorb is the cost of the soil, the containers, perhaps some trellis or cages, and of course seeds/plants. Shouldn't be very much if you're doing it small.

    As for fertilizer, you can get that for free by composting old veggies, eggshells, fish and what not or you can buy it of course (less work/smell).
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  4. syrupy

    syrupy fumed

    Aloe, Ecchinacea, Valerian, Peonies, Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, San Pedro. My yard could handle more, but that's all I have time and energy to maintain.
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  5. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu i don't ever wanna go to bed

    I'll get a ghetto DIY operation going in the backyard and ask all my questions here I think :lol:
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  6. catbird

    catbird hyperconscious

    Yum, figs. I miss my yard. I am a sad city dweller without a yard currently. But I have a box of worms and I set up a small hydroponic garden in my kitchen that does pretty well with herbs and greens, but not much else, as I learned the hard way. Currently I've got thyme, catnip, basil, kale, and mesclun greens growing, and my tomato plant (tiny tim) outgrew the space so I transferred it to a pot and put it on the porch a few days ago. I had some strawberry plants in there until a little while ago that got a lot of attention, but were not very happy regardless, perhaps because I grew them from seed. They were always just kinda wispy. I'd like to try again with the strawberries, maybe get some established seedlings and see how they do. Anyway it's a nice little setup though I lament my lack of fruit trees and raised garden beds. I feel that I need to be growing food, however impractical it seems to be in the space that I have.
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  7. thisperson

    thisperson Ruler of all things person

    So Cal
    I have got a small peach tree. A grape vine. And blackberry plant.

    All too small to give out treats yet.

    I should be getting some classic green delivered for growing any day.

    Green crack variety.
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