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What do you do with your ABV when out of the house?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by muunch, Dec 20, 2016.


What do you do with ABV when out of the house?

  1. Bring container to save it (please elaborate)

  2. Dump it

  3. Eat it (????)

  4. Other (???? please specify ????)

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  1. Prolusio

    Prolusio Well-Known Member

    For me it's mostly just that it's one less thing to worry about hiding if caught, whether that's a valid concern or not. I don't have nice carrying solutions for each vape I own; so If I take herb with me for out and about vaping I try to only take what I need for a session or two. I've been caught before but was able to get away with just a lecture because my vape was clean and I didn't have any proof on me that it was not in fact an aromatherapy device. Obviously that's just one anecdotal case, maybe I would have still got off with ABV on me; however anything that makes me feel more relaxed/comfortable when vaping is a good idea in my books.
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  2. WeAreVenom

    WeAreVenom I vote for marijuana

    Baltimore, Maryland.
    I dump it because my only portable vape is a magic flight.

    The amount of bud I lose is so miniscule that dumping it means nothing. Although most times I wait until I go home to vape. I know I am going to go home eventually because I friggin live there, so...

    I only vape outside if I have to wait a really long time for something. Like getting in the chair at the barber, sitting at the doctors office until my appointment, or when I have to sit in the car until my passenger returns.
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  3. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Don't need to decarb....you already did when you vaped it the first time, yeah?
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  4. crawdad

    crawdad floatin

    potano territory
    im a keeper, if i dont have something to put it in i usually eat it right out of the bowl.

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
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  5. Bad Ocelot

    Bad Ocelot Well-Known Member

    This type of thing varies quite a bit by jurisdiction. If you're in a legalized or decriminalized area, it's probably not a big deal. However if you're in prohibitionland, it is still illegal, in all jurisdictions I'm aware of anyway. Most statutes specifically reference the cannabis plant separately from the chemicals it contains so possession of the plant material is illegal regardless of the chemical content. Plus, they're not typically doing GC/MC type analysis of seized cannabis.

    I was about to ask why this was an issue if you're also carrying around the vaporizer, which would certainly net you a paraphernalia charge unless you got really lucky & they didn't know what it was, ha.
  6. strictly vapor

    strictly vapor Well-Known Member

    When the opportunity presents itself I like to consume the avb immediately following a session for full spectrum effects. Nothing beats finishing a bowl and catching up on the few remaining cannabinoids that slipped past your vapor path!
  7. Vapenvy

    Vapenvy Indie vaper

    Where the bloody hell are ya?
    I generally keep it unless it is really dark abv.

    Two methods.

    If i only take 1 vape, i have a little titanium keychain thingy which has two compartments, 1 for fresh and one for abv.

    More usually these days, i always take a vapcap in a vapstash as a backup to whatever main vape i take out, therefore all abv goes into the stash, which I have always found to be better for abv than for loading fresh.
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  8. Pimpslapper

    Pimpslapper Well-Known Member

    Keep it! in a small aluminum make up container I got off amazon, think carmex.
  9. Winegums

    Winegums I make things from wood Accessory Maker

    The Fraser Valley
    I dump it as I'm not generating a meaningful amount of ABV when I'm out, ABV will stink if left in the vape, and I don't want to have to carry another container to hold ABV.
  10. Shit Snacks

    Shit Snacks Milaana. Lana. LANA. LAANAAAAAA

    Motion Pictures
    I actually always have saved it, carrying two film cannisters out and about, one for greens one for browns. Save it all in a big jar at home and eventually make crazy strong edibles with it (still have a lot in the freezer from the last time) I even got these two little aluminum containers recently with plans to glue them together and make a dual jar to hold both...

    However not where I am in Cali and also just like practically starting to think why bother, since it'd be less to carry and I can always get more and still save a lot from use at home on the couch anyway... Could even use that dual container idea for two strains instead... Maybe will depend on the situation how stealth I need to be. Recently discovering the convenience of oil cartridges for true stealth out and about use anywhere, but definitely prefer herbs

    I guess even if going to a friend's place or more of a sit down thing worth bringing an empty container if you're already bringing a bunch of toher stuff? But to lighten the load in other situations perhaps I should stop bothering
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  11. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    I carry a 365 mint tin to dump it in... it's where all the abv gets dumped no matter where I am... I can store other things in the tin too when out...
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  12. Justpassedu

    Justpassedu Well-Known Member

    Longisland , NewYork
    When not home i dump it....
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  13. bmwm3p

    bmwm3p New Member

    When stoned the easiest way is always the best way, dump it.
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  14. mandelbrod

    mandelbrod Well-Known Member

    90% of the time I don't keep it since i vape at high temp. During the winter I had a hard time getting my vapcap to produce dark abv (since it was so cold) I placed the slightly vaped bud in the stash side of the dynastash. IME it works great and keeps the scent to itself. I do pour it out as soon as i get home in my abv container to minimize the oder that could creep in the wood
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  15. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    it all depends on how much really. If it's a whole day out and there'll be repeated packing and unpacking then carrying a little extra container is not that much more effort. If it's just for a single bowl or two then I rather not be bothered unless it's a unit with a monster oven like the IQ.
  16. psychonaut

    psychonaut High as fuck

    I dump, if I were in an illegal state I would probably eat it like crawdad or save it for edibles.
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  17. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    it is local dependent... I'll take anyone's ABV here on the east coast if you do not want it! you can keep the hairs though, a minor annoyance in the abv world LOL
  18. ilsasta

    ilsasta Well-Known Member

    When it is a single session, without need to replace the bowl, I keep the ABV in the chamber and empty it as soon as I get home, so the chamber doesn't get so much smelly.
    If the session are more than one, I just dump it.
  19. CalyxSmokr

    CalyxSmokr Well-Known Member

    I dump it into a 4 oz mason jar
  20. throwawaytre3s

    throwawaytre3s Well-Known Member

    I use a FW3 as my portable solution, and yeah, I just blow it right on out. It's such a small load it's pretty negligible.
  21. rabblerouser

    rabblerouser vaporizer evangelist / collector

    inside a cloud of vapor
    I'm in the small canister camp. I say waste not, want not.
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  22. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    I leave it safely tucked away in a mason jar in the dark back corner of my kitchen cabinet............along with all my other spices to help keep her company.

    Edit: Oh, you mean what do I do with the ABV that I've created when I vape out of the house. Answer............I'm never out of the house when I vape but if I did, I'd probably just dump it being that the amount would be too small to worry about.
  23. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I usually toss it if I'm on the go. I have so much ABV saved up - several oz. if there is an apocalypse I will be ready though.
  24. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    I'm with you guys. I don't vape out of the house much, but when I do I toss it. Like Carol perhaps, I'm starting to have challenges on storing all of my AVB.
  25. ander

    ander Well-Known Member

    The Vapican Chapel
    If it's not too much cooked and smells tasty... I eat it straight and raw. Oh yes I can be wild..!
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