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What are the benefits of convection vs. conduction?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by MauiWowee, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. vaporonly

    vaporonly Well-Known Member

    probably because on the ssv 1) the wand/stem doesn't sit on top of heat (heat rises) 2) the traditional ssv wand/stem doesn't 'stay' next to heating element like on the solo.

    if you only put the solo stem on the heating element right before hitting it and remove it right away afterward you can minimize conduction.
  2. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

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    IMO, what causes the Solo to continually "cook" the load has more to do with radiation than conduction. Conduction seems to get a lot of credit for the work of its cousin radiation. Both are definitely involved in almost all vaporizers and the Solo is no different.

    Try this thought experiment (do not actually do this):

    You place a fresh nug of herb suspended on a string in your kitchen oven. Yeah, I know string might burn away, but it's just a thought experiment so bear with me.

    Crank the oven up to 400F, shut the door and let the suspended-in-mid-air nugget cook for 15 minutes.

    What do you expect to see when you take the nugget out? ABV of course. An ABV nug.

    Did it get vaped by convection? No hot air was blowing through it as this oven has no interior fan at all.

    Did it get vaped by conduction? It did not come into contact with any part of the oven as it was suspended by a magic piece of string.

    It got vaped by radiation. Just like most of the weed in the Solo bowl is getting vaped by radiation IMO. The air is not pre-heated per se (air is heated some by going down the sides of the oven wall and past the floor - but very little IMO) so there is not really a lot of convection or conduction happening.

    /radiation rant

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  3. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    Stu's been watching alot of PBS these days.
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  4. VaPooRize

    VaPooRize New Member

    I am trying to wrap my head around this concept. can someone classify these portable vaporizers as conduction or convection, and explain where the heating element is and how it works for the: Arizer Solo, Pax, GrassHopper, and magic flight? Also, a short summary of you personal preference for conduction or convection and why?
  5. SpruceGruve

    SpruceGruve Bag of sand in hand,Eyeing up the gold statue

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    Conduction is when the heat source actually touches the herbs.
    Convection is when hot air passes through the herbs without and heat source touching it.

    MFLB is conduction.
    Grasshopper is advertised as convection(I don't think anyone has tried it yet to confirm)
    Pax is "primarily" conduction
    Solo is "primarily" convection
  6. CentiZen

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    I think that this infographic provides the best introduction to these two different types of heating methods.

    The Arizer Solo is about a 50/50 split between convection and conduction heating, and is heated via wires wrapped around the metal or ceramic bowl at the top. Air is routed through and around it before being fed into the heating chamber, which is where the convection effect comes from

    The magic flight and pax are both totally conduction based units. The MFLB heats up a mesh screen while the pax heats up a steel heating wall. In both cases the herb is heated by close proximity to a heated surface and there is minimal convection effect.

    The grasshopper claims to be totally convection, which is something that would require them to break the laws of physics to achieve the way they describe it.
  7. grokit

    grokit power cosmic

    the north
    Nasa engineers are constantly re-defining the laws of physics!
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  8. placetime

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  9. pakalolo

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  10. Jor-el

    Jor-el New Member

    I favour convection because if it works correctly you're only vapourising when you're drawing-in air (ignoring fan-based units for now), potentially allowing for better titration and (probably) using less, which for me is desirable both for economy's sake and because I don't like being noticeably more stoned than my optimal level.

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