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well I tried to post on the AVB thread..?

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by xEsoteric92, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. xEsoteric92

    xEsoteric92 Well-Known Member

    Anyway, long story short vaping is the main way I consume cannabis, I got about 2 more jars full, its not as dark as it appears dont worry its just my laptop cam lol, anyway I haven't touched it too much aside a few times outta desperation to find those big nugs you were careless with still left, aha. Some is around a year or so old, but its been kept jarred up and for the most part in a dark place. I seen alot of people talking about everclear which is a bit too pricey for my liking, also being in california.. I heard alot of people doing iso washes and to be honest, I feel stupid saying I feel more comfortable with properly made bho but when it comes down to it, iso just has always had a bigger impact for something I wouldn't desire, kinda fucked huh? Lol like butanes better.. Anyone Edibles crossed my mind too but like I said its mainly light brown, I seen people wrapping AVB with cheesecloth and lettting it boil getting the thc out in a jar stuffed in a pot. Guess im just here to see if theres anything I may have missed out on. Swamp water and tincture had me interested, but not to sound cheap I have bills among other necessities that need to be taken care of first before I experiment, as cheap as $20 may seem to some its alot in my state of finances right now.

    Also has alot of wand hash mixed/shaken in, few times I was dry I looked for a few small bowls of the wandhash till payday, was a bit harsh but seeing as I usually get quality meds, wow did it hit me.. felt so happy, remember almost laughing after the first exhale cause I realized what I was missing. I tried vaping it in the past but smoking just felt like it got that THC in that much faster, maybe I didnt have a familiar temp for hash like that though? who knows. Anyway ideas are appreciated, want to get the most outta the least possible. Sorry if I rambled I havent been on a forum in daysss haha or school


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