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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Child Of The Revolution

    Livin' in the 707
    Welcome, from another Bay Arean.
  2. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    Hi all! Registered here a year ago when I started looking into vaping after about 40 years of combustion!
    First I want to say thanks to the community here for all the valuable information I found here during my year of lurking!

    A short background on myself:
    I'm a mechanical/electrical/electronics technician, I've worked in various related fields my whole life.
    I like to make/build/design/mod/upgrade/repair things!
    I also love to cook, especially smoker/BBQ stuff.
    I love motorcycles, the outdoors and Cherry Soda!
    I also play guitar and sing!

    My vaping experiance:
    I consider myself a seasoned concentrate vaper and have a small collection of various wax/oil devices, and a recycler glass rig. For electronic wax devices my preferred coils are Ceramic Donut and/or Miracle B. Dry herb vaping is a different story though...

    My somewhat limited odyssey through herb vapes has recently been kicked into high gear! Trying to find the ultimate herb vape that will completely end my smoking!

    I started out with the Divine Tribe GEN 2 DC on a Pico 75w ... I wasn't overly impressed with it however it was a good gateway into herb vapes. Next was a Tera v2, it had good vapor but went back because I felt the airflow was way too restrictive.

    The Tera got replaced with a Solo 2 which I currently have. I like the Solo 2 it's well built and a great vape but I can't say I totally love it. My friend recently got a Mighty and from my limited use of it I feel it has somewhat better vapor than the Solo 2 (cooler and better flavor) although the Solo is real close and definitely has some other advantages.

    After experiencing the mighty I think I'd like to try and upgrade again, and since the Mighty is a bit over budget I'm considering either a Crafty or an HR Fierce, and finally posting here now to get some advice on which direction to go. Could someone advise if I should start a new thread for that, or post in both threads (Crafty and Fierce)?
  3. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    Life saber from 7th floor does it all exceptionally well and built to last.
  4. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    The midst of vapor
    Welcome @LambsBreath ! You should definitely start a new thread in Ask FC.
  5. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Child Of The Revolution

    Livin' in the 707
    Welcome, @LambsBreath.
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  6. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    Thanks arb for showing me a brand I didn't even know existed! Very interesting stuff... however I'm currently only considering cordless battery powered devices, but I'll definitely keep that in mind if someday I decide to go the corded route.

    Will do, thanks for the advise!

    Thanks Madri-Gal!

    I ended up just doing a reply in the healthy-rips-fierce thread, since that's the model that seems to be at the top of my list right now.
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  7. Shorner

    Shorner Member

    Age 41

    Been smoking/eating/ dabbing/vaping cannabis for 26 years...most of those years from the moment I get up till I go to bed, but unfortunately I live in the UK and due to my job and drug driving laws I just vape in the evenings now.

    I'm hoping I can give good advice to people on here as well as receive some..

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  8. EEK

    EEK New Member

    Haven't been on in some time, can't even rember my old screen name so I re uped with a new one. Glad to be back. I'll post back here later.
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  9. Zoned89

    Zoned89 Active Member

    Sup guys, new to the forum.
    Long time smoker, been using ecigs for several years and stopped cigs (2x pack a day) and now I want to switch to vaping for bud as well.
    I bought an xmax v2 pro, came with the glass mouthpiece, a grinder and a tightvac for 75 shipped. Kind of want a VapCap also seeing the reviews, it begins...
    Anyone here fly fpv drones by chance?
  10. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    southeast of disorder
  11. MothChewMoth

    MothChewMoth Gamer Extraordinaire

    Hello FC!

    I've been over at VL for the last year or so and been a lurker here for nearly as long. Since there's a larger audience here I finally wanted to start participating as an active contributor.

    Mid-30's in the San Diego, CA area, I've been a combustion dabbler and occasional edible or cartridge user for 10-15 years. I started medicating consistently a few years back for a variety of health reasons, so wanted to dive into vaping instead of combusting.

    My first "vape" was the G-Pen Elite, and that almost turned me off entirely; that POS deserves to go on the "worst of" list. Subsequently I've had the OG Sticky Brick, Mighty, Zephyr Ion, EVO, and soon to be G43. I've used a bunch of others, so the VapCap and MV-1 are on my acquisition list this year. Flavor, functionality, and design seem to be the factors that are most important to me. I've also never used glass for vaping (only the C word), and never owned my own. I've got a Mobius stereo matrix knock off from dhgate on the way, so I'm excited to try that.

    In my personal life I do a ton of stuff; mountain/road biking, music, books, and LOTS of gaming. Music I'd say I'm firmly in the prog metal camp :rockon:, but have a wide variety of tastes for most everything aside from pop and country. Gaming... everything! I'm extremely passionate about Euro-strategy board games, but my group fell apart. If you're in the San Diego area and want to sync up, let me know! I also play an absurd number of video games. Hit me up under this same handle on Steam or PSN.

    Professionally, I've got a wide and storied background. Originally an EMT who moved here to be a firefighter, I blew my shoulder out and had to pivot or face a life of recurring surgeries. As devastating as that was, I transitioned over to IT work with some success. I've done that for 10+ years and recently transitioned to Project Management which I've found I've got a knack for over the years. Unfortunately, I was laid off a few months back and am still searching for the right opportunity in the area. If any of you have read this and are thinking "hey, this dude sounds awesome and I've got the perfect opportunity", don't hesitate to reach out :p.

    Also unfortunately, despite CA finally being "legal", I'm on a self imposed tolerance break in case a new employer decides to drug test. Since it's still federally illegal, I'd hate to lose out on an opportunity. This means I'm not medicating for pain or sleep issues, so both of those have returned in full force and I'm stuck in the middle. I'm not big on standard medical pills and the like, so I've been relying on biofreeze and chamomile tea. If anyone has thoughts about alternative legal vape-able materials that might help, let me know.

    Anyway, that's my story (and I'm sticking to it!). Glad to be here as an active member!


    PS. A lot of folks have asked about my handle. It's a reference to a bizarre old local band from the Bay Area (where I'm from) called Nuclear Rabbit. Their entire persona was based around fucking with their audience. Some of their stuff is up on YouTube, so feel free to investigate, but don't say I didn't warn you. A special favorite is a wonderful ballad about The Hobbit titled "The Pimp, The Bitch, and The Magic Beans." Cheers! :rofl:
  12. Dabtanian

    Dabtanian New Member

    Bournemouth, UK
    Hey FC,

    I've been lurking a long while and finally made an account and wanted to say hello and start posting.

    I'm 33 years old and from the UK. I've been dipping in and out vaping since first buying a Vapir Oxygen Mini when they came out a good few years back now. Since I've owned various devices, both electric and butane powered.

    In the last year or so I've started dabbing. And since I've finally gotten really close to being combustion free. This has been a goal for a number of years. I know exactly why I've been struggling to this point and it's simply the ritual. I've been a bong smoker since the early 2000s and that's a lot of muscle memory and habit to break.

    Since owning a peak, and it being so easy to dab anywhere without a torch I'm getting so close and really excited and think I've found the last piece of the puzzle now the ember looks the perfect solution for me for those times I'm using flower in a bong. Same muscle memory, process & ease as smoking, seems perfect for me.

    Aside from that I really enjoy the other devices I currently own. Miqro and plus are perfect out and about devices for me, and I love a vapcap ortho I'm more enjoying that on glass pieces and really would love a heater. And I'm still in love with my peak atm.

    As well as an ember I'm currently strongly considering a portside mini and getting a couple of short direct vapcap to glass fitments made up I think the addition of these items would really complete my vapcap experience.

    Anyway I'm more hear to read and learn than waffle on about my self. So cheers for having me and can't wait to get stuck in.

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  13. teabelly

    teabelly Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Just and old hippy who stumbled across this forum and have been lurking for some time. Started vaping recently to help out with some medical issues. Everyone here seems very cool and I thought I'd start posting a bit.

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  14. Charles-leeRay

    Charles-leeRay New Member

    hey guys. i am new to the vaping scene
    From Bombay India but been based in the NCR region for a while now.

    Been smoking for years become an active user for the last 2-3years

    Wanted to switch to vaping for while and i recently bought an AirVape X for concentrates.

    i actually have some doubts regarding the AirVape X... would appreciate if someone who has used the same can help me with this... dont know a lot of people in India who own it
  15. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    The midst of vapor
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