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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Fourtwenty420

    Fourtwenty420 New Member

    Hi I’m from U.K. near Bristol.
    Just found the site and signed up straight away,looks good.
    I’ve just took delivery of volcano Digit and ordered a magma water accessory to go with it.
    I’m out of weed though and got to wait until tomorrow until I can get some more.
    In the meantime I’ll just read through the articles and watch people getting baked on YouTube for now.
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  2. SimonSpeakeasy

    SimonSpeakeasy New Member

    It's OK guys, you can relax - I'm here now.
    From Cornwall in the UK where is never rains (although the sunshine is, occasionally, of the liquid variety).
    Loooong time smoker, but 100% vape convert as of about three years ago.
    I have a background in quality assurance, so I'll be posting my own reviews and comments on the various vapes I have used.
    Still looking for the ideal vape.
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  3. Brain Freeze

    Brain Freeze Member

    BC Canada

    After a 35 year hiatus, and with legalization in the very near future, I've decided to dip my toe back in the pool. I realize that a lot has changed over the years, and now...I'm a newbie again. I think I'm going to need your help people!
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  4. His_Highness

    His_Highness In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

    You came to the right place!

    I was in the same boat when I found FC about 5 years ago. FC not only made it possible for me to find the right vape(s) .... it also made it possible for me to make "like minded" friends.

    Treat the FC folks with respect and kindness and I'm sure it'll be the same for you.

    Welcome aboard!
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  5. elle

    elle Member

    Hi everyone, I'm from Florida and I would like to get better educated on herb vaporizers as I am a newbie in that regard BUT I have been using e-cigs for 9 plus years.

    I have been combusting my herb for many years now and feeling it is having a negative impact on my health at this point.....trouble breathing and extreme fatigue to name a few.

    I have decided to take a t-break and then use a vaporizer from here on out, I'm only on day 3 of my break but am feeling much better already! I look forward to learning more and interacting with this fine community.

  6. el sargantano

    el sargantano Chasin' rabbits

    Mediterranean Shorefront
    Hello FCbusters
    I'm Ignasi from Barcelona, combuster for 22 years (not fully excombuster yet) and vaping since January '18.
    I've started vaping trough a Boundless CF, trying to emulate a Crafty of a friend of mine, but I changed to unregulated devices since the month of March.
    Since then I'm stuck to 3 different MFLB's (cherry, maple and walnut) and some DIY (for myself) knockouts made from ipé floor tiles, some butane knockout DIY again piperizers based on daisys and lilys and a cherry milaana.
    I really enjoy the feeling of self-regulation, so I've ordered today a Lil' Bud from Vapwood.
    Thank the admins to take care of this huge info source.
    See you trough the clouds!
  7. NT340

    NT340 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I’m 31 from Montreal, Canada. Since Canada legalized weed recently, I’ve been looking at forums to educate myself more on Vaping. Looking to buy my first vape but don’t know which one to get. I’ve been smoking rolls and never tried vaping. So hopefully I’ll be able to find and educate myself in the vape world. Cheers!!
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