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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Doppo

    Doppo New Member

    Hello ppl,

    im reading here from time to time and got me a vapman because of these forums.
    Im glad that i found this site and i finaly fuck the combustion.

    Now i got myself an account here and try to be a part.
  2. mucsusn

    mucsusn 60 going on 20

    DC Metro
    Lurked here for awhile starting last fall, learned a lot, now I have a Crafty, a Plenty and an e-nano. All fine pieces in their own right, but my go to is the e-nano with the adjustable glass stem. Nice hits and incredible efficiency. Probably going to pick up a FF2 this summer, that will pretty much be all I should need.......and good beer, always good beer. Oh yeah, I'm a middle aged dude who started again last summer after 30+ years. Vaping is the way to go!
  3. huxley

    huxley Member

    Hi, huxley here.

    Just a short note to introduce myself.

    I'm dealing with chronic and sometimes severe back/neck pain, as well as anxiety, and depression.

    I might be one of the longest lurkers ever. I remember lurking heavily on this site for months at a time back in, maybe 2008 or so. Learned so much at that time, and created copious notes from here, studying all the vaporizer models.

    Hadn't come back to here since then. I missed 8 years of vaporizer tech, so I've been studying hard here for the last few months and finally feel like I got a handle on exactly whats changed over the last 8 years.

    I've got an original model not very used (I think 2004) AromaZap (style now called a log, wasn't back then) with the aromatherapy top, which is getting close to being a real antique I guess.

    I'm going to buy a FF2 and possibly a Zion if it ever comes out, although I'd like to try a Volcano digit one day too. Not to mention I think the vapman, vapcap and the MFLB seem pretty clever.

    Over and out for now.
  4. Vodník

    Vodník New Member

    Hey, I am Patrik - owner of two vapmans, live in Slovakia. Vape all the days, all the time with pals wich fuck combustion as well so I vape quite often through volcano, mighty, extreme Q as well. I consider myself as experienced vape user with experiences as such makinfg AVB coconut oils, butters, chocolates and modified some uses of vapman as well... thanks for welcome
  5. yogoshio

    yogoshio Annoying Libertarian

    NW Indiana-just outside Chicago
    Hey all, I am Ben. I have been reading through this forum and its infinite wisdom for a few weeks. Currently own a flowermate V5.0s and loving it. I am all about bang for buck, so you won't see me on any super fancy vape threads lol.

    Live just outside Chicago, wife and three kids. Wife used to partake before, stopped for a while. I am very new to everything, but asthma quickly forced my hand to vaping (much to the chagrin of my sister, who still makes fun of me). However, I have already (just in the past few months) noticed a MAJOR difference in my asthma since vaping and not looking back!

    I apologize in advance for any stupid questions, and my wife assures me I ask plenty of them!:rofl:
  6. Ashrefuzed

    Ashrefuzed Active Member

    I'm Ash, from East Anglia, England. Have been a lurker for a while and currently own an arizer solo and an xmax v2. Signed up so I was able to get on the HomeGrownLogs waiting list, which I am now on so will soon be the proud owner of a new log! I run my solo thru a d020d and use my xmax to take out with me. I still combust as well but not nearly as much as I used too!
  7. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Hey @Ashrefuzed (like the name by the way), I'm from Hertfordshire....

    Good to see the UK vapors in ever growing numbers....

    There is an fc UK meet happening this year, there is a thread for it...

    We are getting there...

    Anyway welcome to fc.....
  8. Bravesst

    Bravesst Full Steam Ahead Manufacturer

    Vapwood USA
    Quick background.
    Been *smoking* since 1974. Converted to vaping over 2 years ago.

    Only Vapes I actually used for more than a week or two will be listed.

    Steady Air One Year
    20 Air batts / 20 Air stems

    Boredom and VAS set in...
    Milaana, love so many things about it
    Another Mighty, just not my Air or Milaana
    Milaana breaks, I'm back on Air
    Realize I love the patience and reliability of my AA
    Love the taste and quick vape of Milaana, but takes work
    Air, go to green, sip for ten, only requirement is quality DRY material, tastes incredible for about 6 draws
    Still missing the Milaana slam in the face with taste, clouds
    Still itching I go FF2, but not for me, too pipish, even though it's a great vape in its own right, technology awesome

    Obviously I love my Air to death, Milaana as well. AA so reliable it's a non issue on 3 in 2 years. All my other Vapes had some minor issues. The Air sits patiently for me to sip her. Maybe the 2 minute warmup is like foreplay, while with the Milaana, it's all in. I can be engaged in life and pull on an AA all day. Only one of my Vapes I can really say that about.

    I also love glass stems, and a perpendicular vape that's kinda like an ecig. If it was one, AA all the way. Milaana is so awesome for just the right times, but not as practical for my daily situation.

  9. Bizkat

    Bizkat Well-Known Member

    Boston, MA
    @Bravesst Yeah...I've been smoking since 1974 too. First Marlboros, then pot too. After many failed attempts, I gave up nicotine in 2008, but I swore nothing was going to come between me and my weed. But then late last year, I really started to feel the negative effects of pipe smoke so I googled vaporizing and discovered FC. 6 vaporizers later, here I am.
  10. ReLicK128bpm

    ReLicK128bpm New Member

    Hello to all at Fuck Combustion (I do love a good expletive).
    I've been lurking on here for a while since I started vaping so I thought it was high time I got involved.
    I have been a daily herb burner for over twenty years but have been vaping juice for about six months in an attempt to try and cut out the cigs, so it seemed only natural to vape herb too. I had my eye on the Haze vaporiser for quite some time and eventually gave in and purchased the Haze V3:love:. I'm so glad that I did because now I am in love with this little beauty, I've never tasted herb so pure before. Ultimately I'm finding it hard to quit the ritual of rolling and smoking a 'J' but the smell of burnt tobacco is making it easier by the day.
    Anyway....I'm 41 years old, an aerospace engineer from Birmingham (unfortunately), UK.
    Being a bit of a noob when it comes to vaping herb I am always open to advice, ideas, recommendations etc.
    So feel free to educate me if anyone feels I need it....And please, please do tell me if I'm being a complete fuckwit at any time....I've got previous !
    Although I do try my best to think before I put my foot in my mouth...they're a bit smelly !

    Thanks for reading :wave:
  11. vagdal

    vagdal Active Member

    Hello FC!

    I'm vaping juice for about 3 because I wanted to quit smoking and I did. Now I'm vaping juices and herbs on vapman and I feel much better! The taste is great and I spend less herb.
    I'm member in FC for about 8 months I think and I've learned a lot for vapman and other vaporizers.
    Keep the good work guys and I hope to be helpful too soon :)
  12. Vaked420

    Vaked420 Well-Known Member

    Hey everybody!

    I started out smoking weed when I was 16 and had smoked a few times, but never got truly stoned until I decided it was time and took some good rips off my cousins imitation vapor brothers. I think I was getting really low temp vape because before I knew it I had a very interesting high that I will never forget what it felt like. Long story short after that I hit my other cousins volcano, got higher than I've ever been and bough an MFLB that I started vaping on daily when I was 17. I hated smoke from the beginning and couldnt smoke without hacking a lung. Then my mom caught me, told me I was stupidifying my brain and took away my vape and other goodies. I didn't consume for a few months but eventually gave in and of course being a dumb kid, got into smoking bowls and joints. It wasn't till long after that I craved to have my MFLB that I got an underdog and got back into vaping. That eventually got stolen and now I'm back to having an MFLB just like the good old days! Except I'm a lot better at using it now haha.

    Anyways this place is awesome. Not just for the information available, but just out of the maturity of this community discussing a topic that almost always attracts the most immature crowd. Cannabis is amazing, but it is to be used correctly and respected IMO something that I feel most everyone in this community respects.

    By the way I'm 20 years old, just graduated with my bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from a well regarded school on the west coast of the US and am mostly financially self sufficient so fuck stereotypes of lazy stoners!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 21, 2016
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  13. Kintigh

    Kintigh New Member

    I can't even recall how it is I stumbled upon this site, but I have been eagerly devouring all this great information.

    I fortunately live in a State where marijuana is legal for adults. Having grown up during the 60's I'm elated at the resources at my fingertips. In the little town I live in there are 3 dispensaries oh yes oh yes!

    Anyways I was talking to a purveyor at one of these shops and he was telling about his pax 2 showed me a little on how it operated and it was then I was surfing the web and stumbled across you fine folks :)

    To cut to the chase here I just received a Arizer Air and took it on it's maiden voyage and my first vape at 66 yrs young.

    So what do I say about this experience? Fuck DAT Combustion! I'm sold man.

    It seems like a sweet time to dive in.
  14. Maitri

    Maitri Deadhead, Low-Temp Dabber, Mahayana Buddhist

    Just east of the Emerald City
    Welcome 'n enjoy! :)
  15. Vaked420

    Vaked420 Well-Known Member

    These are my favorite moments where someone smokes for a long period, then finds vaping and is just instantly convinced that it's superior. Like I feel like that's how it's always been for me. I started vaping first so I never got sick of smoking and found vaping all of a sudden but I'm sure it's the best feeling to be able to get high and not inhale so much burning plant matter. Like I like smoking sometimes, but not even nearly all the time.. Comgtars on the vape!!!
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  16. Santiponce

    Santiponce New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I am new to vaping cannabis, but an enthusiast smoker!

    I love cigars, my favorites are Rey del Mundo - Demi Tasse and Upmann - Epicure

    This passion goes along with the passion for precision instruments, in general, I really like to see an instrument finely tuned operate smoothly and be amazed by its quality & mechanisms.

    My favorite lighter is the IM Corona Classic, known as Savinelli for you people on the other side of the pond, I have been using it for over 4 years and I use it over STDupont, Dunhill which are way pricier and have poor quality control (When are the Japanese finally gonna enter the Herb Vape scene? I'd love to see Sony's attempt).

    My experience with Japanese quality has also been confirmed with knives, another hobby, love the Spyderco Knives and designs but Mcusta makes them very fine; quality is so high they could charge double for their products and still sell (they would still, even 2x more expensive, be half the price of a Chris Reeve knife and i don't see the difference in quality being in these proportions)

    Well that is my past! Now for today;
    I am expecting the delivery of my amazing (hopefully) Arizer Air in a few days, but based on FC's feedback on the item, I'm feeling very confident about my purchase. Was about to order a Firefly 2 but was turned off by the hype and inconsistent quality, perhaps somewhere down the line, like in a year from now, I'll get one too.

    Health is becoming a concern, I think vaping is wise. I had an experience in the past with vape with e-liquids and stuff, I have to say it was underwhelming, the device ended up in a drawer never to be used again (I got 2x, one for my father too, we both gave up about 2 months down the line)

    I have very low tolerance to cannabis, I barely smoke 2 marijuana cigarettes (love using this expression :D) per day, 3 if I'm cocky, and the total amount of weed per day doesn't exceed 0,6g or 0,7g

    Well that was me in a nutshell, happy to join this community, looking forward to exchange experiences with y'all, cheers!
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  17. Concupiscient

    Concupiscient Well-Known Member

    Greetings, friends!
    Gonna read for awhile ... :whoa:
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  18. Vaked420

    Vaked420 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to vaping! Sounds like you're the perfect candidate and that you have a good vape on the way! There are plenty of other vapes to try and they are all unique and very cool. From the sounds of your combustion habits, you'll find yourself vaping closer to .2-.3 grams a day and still be getting similarly if not more stoned. Also I would reccomend sticking with mainly vaping for a couple weeks as its hard to notice the difference if you're still regularly smoking. Lungs feel way clearer, and you'll notice after a while how ashy and burnt combustion tastes. Not that you won't enjoy the occasional Marijuana cigarette haha, but now that I vape I couldn't even imagine going back to actually smoking more than a couple times a week. Good luck and I wish you the best! Welcome to the community!
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  19. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    After much reading on this Forum I finally made an account.

    I want to thank you all for the Infos and the very nice and relaxed vibe here - hopefully i can give a little bit back to the Community.

    I am at the end of my 30s and from western Europe, smoker for 20 Years. Although i owned a Volcano for some Years, i never got around to do the Switch to Vaporizing.
    At the beginning of the Year i quit Cigarettes (Yeah!) and wanted to give another vaporizer a Chance. After a lot of reading, i got a Mighty and it fits me better than the Volcano.

    Thanks a lot for sharing all the knowledge, it s very appreciated!
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  20. Concupiscient

    Concupiscient Well-Known Member

    Amazing ... LIKE, Like, like ...
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  21. PKS

    PKS Member

    Greetings, longtime lurker. I guess I've never vaped, but after all my reading here I'm convinced I need to be. I've tried the Snoop Dog G Pen and the Apex/Kingpen...meh.

    Planning on ordering a MFLB Monday. Looking forward to taking flight, thanks for all the things I've already learned!
  22. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    in my very personal Opinion, the Lunchbox is perhaps not the ideal Vaporizer to get into Vaping, as it has a learning curve and needs quite a bit of technique.

    Perhaps read some threads about choosing a first Vape before Ordering? Think about Haze, CFX, Mighty etc.....
  23. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I would highly suggest taking flight with a Solo. It's very easy to use and has an all glass air path. Read through some of the thread. It came out in 2011. It was just updated 2 years ago. For the price and quality you really can't beat it. @PuffItUp will price match too. They are one of FCs sponsors. Randy the owner will help you out.

    I have several portable units and the Solo is the workhorse of portables. It's about the size of a can of Red Bull. It's easy to maintain without a lot of little parts to lose. A 2+ hour battery in the beginning. It charges pretty fast. Your journey will take flight with the Solo.

    By the way a big welcome to Fuckcombustion.:):leaf:
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
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  24. PKS

    PKS Member


    Thank you. I have looked pretty hard at the Solo, but my wife likes the MFLB idea more and I'm planning on surprising her with it on her birthday. If I decide to add a second vape it will be the Solo.
  25. Shieldsab

    Shieldsab Well-Known Member

    So, intro time I guess. I'm a 26 year old guy living in southern Alberta, Canada. I was born with a form of blindness which gave me light perception only. So no colors, no shadows in any really defined way. And oddly enough I can't see red lights.

    I love progressive metal like Ayreon and Dream Theater, I play bass guitar, dabble in ham radio, and am a tech head.
    I started with the herb in a meaningful way last year. I'd taken hits here and there before then off pipes and joints when offered, but I finally started doing research and decided to jump in for recreational use. I bought a crafty and was off.
    This place is awesome, and I can spend hours lost in the threads. I'm glad I found it.
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