W9tech Ultra Bundle!! Persei, Herc SR71, LUC V4, batteries and more!

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    NOTE: Okeanos is not pictured as it is currently in an ISO bath but please inquire if interested...


    I have gravitated back towards flower use nearly exclusively, as such my concentrates gear has been collecting dust unused. I am hoping I can get my setup to someone who will use it more and when i get back into concentrates I can buy a new purple Persei.

    I am looking to sell all of this as a bundle please. The price is for everything together shipping and paypal fees included. I have invested probably close to $600 on everything you see here. Absolutely nothing is like it and I have converted so many friends to W9 on this very setup. I am asking $325 shipped 2-day Priority mail in the USA. Please PM with any interest.

    I have lots of stuff here...
    - Black Persei with dual cart and single cart top and box
    - Extra red dual cart top (old version, compatible with 6V battery setup)
    - Black SS kit
    - 1x new 5.0 ohm Omicron cartridge
    - 4x (2 matched/labeled pairs) of AW 18350 batteries
    - 2x AW 18650
    - 2x AW LiFePo RCR123 3.2v
    - 2x Sony VTC4 (note! these are a matched pair and should only be used in a pair for 7.4v usage! if you use them separately, never ever stack them again.)
    - 1x 7.4v KISS cart (purple, original style)
    - 1x Hercules SR-71, with SR74 titanium screen, and SR-74 style white rod, and extra titanium coil (i found it!)
    - Omicron fill tool
    - Efest LUC V4 Smart Charger
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