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Pen Vuber atlas

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased' started by green13, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. green13

    green13 Active Member

    Pacific Northwest
    Hi, I didn't see this one mentioned before and was wondering if anyone has any insight or experience with it. It's listed under concentrate category but states it's for flowers. Wondering if it's just another combustion chamber or not :|

  2. Quetzalcoatl

    Quetzalcoatl STILL TIPPIN

    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    The Cosmo one looks more appropriate for flower vaping tbh. Can't even see a picture of the pen chamber... most only have one picture. Wouldn't trust it to actually vape.
  3. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Titan-1 for $129 even GPens version is cheaper
  4. HillaryClinton

    HillaryClinton Future ruler of earth

    Cosmo one looks like 10 other china off brand ones I see around here....Can I bulk order these and put HillaryClinton photos all over it and call it the HillinatorOfVape and charge 100 bucks?
    Quetzalcoatl likes this.

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