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Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Volcano South, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Well-Known Member

    The EZ Valve may be worth it. I have no experience with the solid valve, but I can lightly cover the screen (no reducer) and get a few bags of vapor
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  2. The Beagle

    The Beagle Bubbles & Bags

    What temperature do you use for small loads?
    My experience is limited as I've been using a Classic for just two months but I can fill no more than two bags (one at 7 and one at 9) and get satisfying vapor.
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  3. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Well-Known Member

    I think i usually start off around 365, jump to 385, then to 400, then finish at 446. Can skip the 385 and get more dense vapor.

    I dont use my volcano all that often though and when i do, its rarely with small loads. But i know ive done it.

    I will cover the screen today and let you know how it goes
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  4. wall

    wall Well-Known Member

    So I just got a used digit, WOW this thing is fun. A bit sad I waited so long to add this to the collection. I've done as little as just enough to cover the screen and got good results on 370 so even without the reducer it still doesn't require to be full for good results
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  5. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Well-Known Member

    So i did my homework today.

    Used .15g and nicely covered the screen.

    Bag 1 @ 365: Doesnt look like theres much in the bag, but you can see theres plenty of vapor there on exhale. I run this bag for the taste. Some may even start lower.

    Bag 2 @ 400: This is your peak bag, a lot of vapor can be seen in the bag.

    Bag 3 @ 446: I personally always try to fully extract. Another nice bag of vapor and the taste isnt even too bad wkth the volcano. Just a bit more harsh

    I probably couldve added another bag in there somewhere with good vapor as well. I dont usually weigh my loads like this and do controlled experiments so this was kinda fun. I might have to start microdosing. Gonna need a T-Break first though
  6. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    Best flavor is reached at 191/192C imho.
    I usually have max temp bags (230C).
    If I want to flavor a new strain or feel like it, the only temp I use is that one.
    I hate filling multiple bags with the same load, so I use XL bags, and load nothing that would need more than one bag.
    Lately I started using my Volcano to revape ABV from different vaporizers and see which one is efficient and which is not.
  7. SloJimFizz

    SloJimFizz Unknown Member

    Joe's Garage Jamming
    Thanks, that's what I was wanting to do.
    So I picked up a roll of the Volcano bag material and made a four footer and about wrecked myself. Very nice, forget about refilling....I was looking for an assist to finish.:uhoh:
    I made some slight adjustments and it's a few inches over three feet now.
    So easy to swap out the current Easy Valve stem and make any size bag. :clap:
  8. elmomuzz

    elmomuzz That just happened...

    That was October 2010.

    Wow it’s been a while since I got my Volcano. It’s still working like new. I’d say it has more then paid for itself. :)
  9. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    “Obviously it was expensive but as they say the cost is forgotten over time but the quality and satisfaction of ownership will last forever.“

    So true, especially with vape gear imho. I’d say you’ve got your money’s worth out of your volcano! :o

    Been a while since I’ve laughed like I did at “bongchitis”, so fucking funny! Can’t believe I never heard that before in 30+ years of hardcore combustion. So often I benefit from coming across useful information in a random thread by happy chance. But rarely am I rewarded with something as great as “bongchitis”!
  10. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    When I bought my Volcano I already had many vapes. I soon realized its fame was well deserved and still consider it the masterpiece of my collection. If I have to measure a new vape efficiency I put the ABV inside my Volcano and heat it to 230. I have a sore throat? I have a bag instead of anything else.
    My only regret is that I didn't buy it before.
  11. arb

    arb Well-Known Member

    This was my first vaporizer and is still in use from five am to midnight daily..........thing changed my life.
  12. Purpl3_Haz3

    Purpl3_Haz3 On a Permanent Vakation

    Hello fellow Volcano users! It's been some time since I've posted, but I haven't forgotten FC! That being said, I have finally acquired a Volcano Classic :cool: How that happened deserves another post...but the reason that I'm here today is to share my new find.

    In the past I've owned a bag vape, and experimented with both OEM bags, and the Reynolds oven bags (along with some less than impressive cheap brand oven bags which ripped at the seams nearly immediately.) I've now had the Volcano for about 3 months, and I've played around with the S&B bags that came with it from the previous owner, as well as some large reynolds turkey bags...leaving me wanting something better like I had in the past. Both have their pros and cons, but neither is really the ideal bag overall.

    The S&B bags are a bit pricey, a bit noisy, but are otherwise ideal as they have a smaller diameter than most oven bags, and can be purchased in a lengthy roll for custom sizes. The various oven bags that are available have the benefit of often being quieter than the S&B bags, and larger than the default S&B size, but they are often awkwardly shaped, less than ideal in comparison to the S&B bag dimensions, and not as large as the 10 ft bags of S&B material.

    I did some digging on the forums, reddit, etc, and found nothing more than suggestions for either the OEM bags, or oven bags. Some mentions of universal vapor bags were found, but nothing overly appealing. Then I moved to Amazon, and started searching for all oven bags, in hopes of finding something perfect, and I think I did!

    I can't find mention of these bags on the forum, but if I missed them somewhere I apologize. The product is a "10 foot roasting sleeve." It's essentially the same thing as the ten foot roll of Volcano bag from S&B, but the material is somewhat of a cross between the S&B bags and the Reynolds oven bags. It's definitely quieter than the S&B bags, but a little less quiet than the Reynolds bags. They are a little more stiff than the Reynolds bags, but they need a bit more support while filling than the S&B bags do.

    The biggest thing is that these bags are nearly identical in dimensions to the S&B bags, but for a fraction of the price. They are rated to 450° and they don't give off any odd smell at room temp or when heated. I tested first with a clean empty Solid Valve, to make sure the bag itself didn't seem to produce a weird smell or taste. When I first filled one up, I was surprised that it was as narrow as the S&B bags are. Here are some pics, and a link to the bags on Amazon. I've been using a bag on the Solid Valve as shown below, as well as one of a similar length on my Easy Valve. I will be ordering a few more rolls, and going with 5ft bags next time, as I rarely vape alone.


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