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Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Volcano South, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. SMODomite

    SMODomite Well-Known Member

    Yeah this whole ceramic pod thing in FL is nuts. PA was also being weird only allowing concentrates and no flower but recently changed their minds on that, but they stated people cannot smoke the buds they have to vaporize them. I just don't understand putting stipulations on how people consume, people are going to consume the way that works best for them.

    I am hoping NJ keeps getting their program revamped, I should be getting my card in the mail this week and would love more selection in concentrates and to see the flower price drop a bit
  2. freddyf1

    freddyf1 New Member

    I've had my volcano for 4 months now and I have to say I'm really impressed by the vapor quality. I don't have any plastic taste at all!! I did buy the filling chamber reducer though, I like it much better this way.
    I usually load about 0.15gr, which gives me 2 XL bags of excellent vapor.
    I also purchased the mighty for outdoor vaping. Vapor quality might not be as good as the volcano, it's still really good. I just love Storz & Bickel products. I'm so happy I no longer have to smoke.
  3. Rollingstoned

    Rollingstoned Member

    Just purchased my Volcano digital.
    Very dense clouds on every single rip
    I pack about half the chamber (easy valve) and get 5-5
    I noticed that the best temps are from 380-400
    What are your guys opinions on the temps and ways to pack the chamber?
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  4. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Pretty much where you are...maybe .25 - .3 g of flower and my default temp is 385. If I do a flower/concentrate sandwich with dosing capsule, I run that sucker up as high as she will go.

    All - the Volcano just doesn't get the love some of the new, hip, high tech, portables get but IMO this is a disservice and as med programs expand I believe that a huge demographic of non-rec using but now med patients will like a device like this.

    On another board a member came inquiring about a vape for his very elderly grandmother and is worried about vapor sensitivity as she never smoked and is...well, elderly.

    He bought a less expensive portable (vice my suggestion of a 'Cano) and they found the draw resistance and harshness to be too much. To me, this is a perfect application for a 'Cano as you can make bags wispy enough that she won't even know she's vaping.

    At the same time, those flower/trate sandwiches and high temps turn it into a ripper.

    No, I don't use it as a DD, but I have felt no desire whatsoever to sell it. I still love it.
  5. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Member

    This is my first post on FC so whats up!

    So ive been combusting recreationally mostly through Js and blunts for years and last year bought my first vape, a Pax 3. Its cool and all, but ive still found myself going back to smoking. I find it annoying to clean and the draw resistance is a little too much for what i want.

    So ive been researching and considering my next move. I ended up ordering a volcano yesterday. Im super excited, but also still researching and may return it.

    I chose the volcano because it seems easy to clean and use and should get me pretty high. Others ive considered were the Mighty and the flowerpot(looks kinda complicated).

    So im still open to any suggestions but i figure i cant go wrong with the volcano.

    My girl doesnt like the smell of weed and doesnt want it in the house. Will the Cano smell bad to where i should probably keep it in the garage?

    Sorry long post for nothing!
  6. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    Hi and welcome to FC :wave:
    Well the unit itself does not smell, there is no contact with herbs - the chamber maybe a little bit when it's dirty(takes a long time) but i'd guess still less than a dirty pax...
    The smell difference between vapor and smoke u should know by the pax - imo it's a really disgusting smell eg if u accidentially combust with a butane vape...
    Don't know where u can place the unit but ime the cano classic has one of the highest 'woman acceptance factors' ;) of desktops, it's design is on Dieter Rams level :clap: and just timeless imo :love: (after all most of the tec inside would have been there 50 years ago, and no need to change it the next 50 years :cool:)
    The garage is no place for such a beauty, the Plenty fits better between Black&Decker tools ;) :lol:
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  7. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Member

    Thanks for the response! I do think the classic looks a but better but i ended up going with the digit. I think the digital readout and auto shut off will be two nice features.

    My goal is for this to be my daily driver in a slow transition to no combustion. I enjoy the habit of smoking so it will be a gradual transition.
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  8. MegaMan2k

    MegaMan2k Well-Known Member

    hey man volcano got me off combustion as well so i wish you good luck

    If ur girl wants 100%-smell-free-house then i would place it in the garage, but if she can deal with just a little smell then ur golden, will be much less smell then ur used to from combustion, and if u exhale out the window its near nothing. Or u could setup a small carbon scrubber with a fan xD
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  9. Dutchem

    Dutchem Member

    Same problem I had but couldn't pull the plug because of the reviews on the Mighty so went with Cano Digital
    Recently I bought the Vapcap M and am having a hard time putting it down and going back to the Cano. I bought it because I couldn't find a bad review and I needed a portable for when going out of town. Bought the basic model which is modular and because even the basic one everyone couldn't stop raving about it. Still loving my Cano but since buying the Dynacap I have added a few upgrades. Now I have converted a M into a XLS Vong
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  10. MegaMan2k

    MegaMan2k Well-Known Member

    Volcano / mighty, if ur happy with ur Vapcap then u maybe just dont need that Mighty,
    Ive got both but have been considering to sell the Mighty and get a VapCap instead. M

    Mighty is a great vape, but its comparing a desktop vape to a portable, apples and pears :D
  11. Silat

    Silat When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind.

    If your partner hates the smell than the answer is obvious. The garage.
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  12. Nicola

    Nicola Member

    Hi to everyone. I was intrested about filling chamber reducer so i recently did a test about it. I stocked the reducted chamber bowl with and without the concentrate pad, and also the regular bowl, only without concentrate pad, with 0,15 g for each variation. The solution chamber reducer+concentrate pad gave me lightly denser vapor, and, after some use, a more dirty chamber and bag.
    Maybe that it might be due to the material being held in place, working like a pure covection crafty/mighty, different from normal volcano use.
    Have you done some experiment?

    I also noticed that if you put the material in the filling chamber and leave it for 10/15 minutes with volcano on set to desiderate temperature, you'll get more vapor when you heat it.
  13. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Member

    So after my first day and a half here are my thoughts...

    Ive been covering the screen with herb and experimenting with and without the liquid pad and at different temps. Im running one bag at 365-385 and then the second anywhere from 400-420. Getting super high and sometimes can barely finish the second bag.

    Overall the unit is super easy to use and figure out. Having only watched a review or 2 and read some things online, i easily set it up and used it. It takes a while to heat up (coming from 30 secs with the pax 3) but it hasnt really been annoying yet.

    Im loving it so far. I want to try the little bit of wax i have in it soon. Im not too familiar with concentrates, just put a little ball in the pax every once in a while so im looking forward to trying it in the Cano.

    Ive had it in the garage so far.

    I havent combusted or even thought about it since the Volcano was delivered.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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  14. Vapinmofo

    Vapinmofo Well-Known Member

    Hello all. Just a few comments.
    New volcano owners welcome. You are doing your selves a real favor be transitioning over to pure vapor over SMOKE.
    Stay with vapor.

    I am a few weeks in to having my new volcano and it’s so great. My old (dumpster found) unit was slow to fill a bag.
    Today a bag takes 30 seconds on the nose!! Very consistent results.
    I use 50-155 mg per load on “6”. I have a classic. I only run the flower once second time around it’s too harsh.
    Volcano flavor is great as long as you buy great weed.
    The smell does not linger or smell anything like smoking weed. It also doesn’t stick like smoke does.
    I would swear that the unit I sent in was an aluminum volcano..the new one is shiny stainless steel.
    If you did. Not know what it was you would never guess. It’s at home in the den. Mine is next to the bed on its own pedestal.
    Anyway long live the volcano.

  15. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    I only used the reduced chamber with dosing capsules (and for herb/'trate sandwiches mostly at that) as I found it didn't work that well as a native bowl. Herb escaped the chamber a bit and the vapor was more wispy.
  16. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    For the first time since I got it I was ripping my Flowerpot last night and it made me wish my Volcano was still working. Been a while since I chilled out to a bag. Even though there's things I don't like about the bag system, the homogenized flavors of the bag make for a tasty session in ways other session vapes certainly fall short.
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  17. arthritisbites

    arthritisbites Member

    Hi everyone, new member, so please forgive me if I’m touching on something that has already been covered. I am new to marijuana but I have to use a fairly large amount to get the pain relief I need. I have a volcano digit set at 410° (anything much higher seems to irritate my throat, but my understanding was the higher the temperature, the better for pain relief).

    My questions are:
    1. I find the volcano stops producing vapor even though the marijuana still has visible tinges of green on some of the pieces. I’m using a golden gate grinder. Is this to be expected or am I doing something wrong?

    2. If I use the magic flight finishing grinder, I can get most of the green out but it just takes me too long to grind the amount of marijuana that I need because it is so small. I’ve seen people talking about coffee grinders and what not, but I didn’t know if that was realistic as almost no one seems to use anything other than grinders specifically designed for marijuana. Is there a better grinding method for the volcano?

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out.
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  18. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Do not overfill the chamber. Fill only to the line where the outward funneling begins.
    If you want more bags full of vapor, do it at 370º...
    Then when vapor slows, shake the EZ Valve well (I am thinking you have EZ valve), and do a couple more bags.
    Finally, remove the used material, mix it around .... put it back, and get yourself one bag at 410º
    Air must move between the exposed ground matter. This is the reason for not over-packing.
  19. arthritisbites

    arthritisbites Member

    I actually have the solid valve. I only fill it until the screen is just covered, and I stir in between bags. Does your advice apply for the solid valve?

    I was scared of putting too much in because I already see pieces of green on the ABV so I figured packing in more would make it worse. Glad to know my instinct was right on that at least.

    I saw that you posted that you liked the chewy 2 - I’ve been thinking about getting the new vape fine grinder because I have so much trouble with the magic flight finishing grinder with my arthritis, would you suggest the chewy 2 instead? Similarly, would the easy valve make more sense for me? I medicate all day long, so anything that makes it easier or faster is a bonus. Thankfully the budget is not an issue, but I am replacing narcotics with MMJ and therefore have to use quite a bit of it, so I try to be frugal and get everything out of it that I can.

    And I would just like to thank you for your help again. I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated.
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
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  20. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Member

    Im still in the experimental stage so im still learning. Im just now really figuring out that i can run multiple bags on the same temp. Is there any ill effect such as loss of flavor or potency if i vape one bag at 370 and wait a few hours to run it at 370 again?

    Also to the above poster, did your volcano come with the Storz & Bickel grinder? It seems to work well for me. I also have a santa cruz shredder that works well.
  21. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Chewy 2 is easy on the hands but if it is a fine grind you seek, the NewVape fine grind is what you may want.
    You should measure the choice carefully to figure which is most important.
    No loss of potency, but after 3 or 4 bags, the vapor becomes thinner.... less flavorful and medicating.
  22. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Member

    Thanks, ive been running two bags at most at a certain temp, so this will surely help me be more efficient!
  23. Nicola

    Nicola Member

    I always use same temp for 2/3 bags, then i raise temp for last one or two more bags and works great

    Very strange, seems to me that vapor is more dense with RC, maybe the difference is that i always use the liquid pad to pack the material and so there is no escape
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  24. MegaMan2k

    MegaMan2k Well-Known Member

    Anyone have ideas for some sort of GonG adapter with the mouthpiece (on the baloon) or just anything at all that will function will make me happy :D
  25. Mr. Gusto Himself

    Mr. Gusto Himself 010003

    In your lungs
    Hey there, and WELCOME! I see some new names out here who seem to be going through the same thing...

    To answer your first question; Yes, there is a definite potency/flavor and overall degradation in quality of your product when you run 1 bag, Wait, and then run another. The logic here is to not let your herbs cool down. And inflate as many bags as possible.
    My advice would be to use the Reducing Chambers if you are someone who medicates off 1 bag and saves the rest for later extraction. That way the herb loss is kept at a minimal.

    To answer your 2nd question: The orange grinder that comes with the unit gives you the perfect consistency for vaping. Use it!!

    I just looked up the grinder and it looks like you shouldn’t be having any problems with your grind. There are many out there with this design and I used a similar Aerospaced on for years.


    As for the green I find my AVB can be sometimes really light.. it also depends on the strain and as you start using your Volcano more you’ll see what I am talking about. But yeah, I’ve had bits of green but as long as I’m medicated I don’t feel like I’m wasting any and feel it is spent.

    Try running more bags at once, and like Vitolo said shake the chamber... I do this in between bags.
    Last edited: May 14, 2018

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